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YouTube SEO – The Truth Behind YouTube Views or Rank First Page

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YouTube SEO – The Truth Behind YouTube Views or Rank First Page

YouTube SEO: Hello friends, today I will tell you about YouTube SEO. This means how you get a lot of viewers by publishing YouTube videos. And your video is on top of everything. In other words, if someone writes YouTube SEO and searches on Google or YouTube, then your video should come to the top or the first page. I have named that topic YouTube SEO. What’s the matter now friends are thinking about YouTube SEO. So let’s start with today’s main topic.
First of all we don’t know basically:


What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is when you are in the process of uploading a video, do offline and online search engine optimization according to your video topic. And that’s called YouTube SEO.

Originally friends, I mentioned YouTube SEO at first, but now I will explain a little more. There are two types of YouTube SEO.

1. YouTube SEO Free

2. YouTube SEO Paid

Now let’s talk a little more detail about the two types of YouTube SEO.


1. YouTube SEO Free

Friends say YouTube SEO is free when you make your YouTube video, but you are ready to publish your video. You do offline SEO before publishing. For example, whatever the category of your video. You’ve already named your video according to that name, and you’ve already selected its tags, put them on your desktop, and optimized your descriptions by arranging them according to your keywords. And that is offline SEO. Then friends, you uploaded your video by clicking on the upload option on YouTube with the same title, description and tag. Then you give the thumbnails according to the category. Then became your online SEO on YouTube. Now you may understand that this is basically YouTube SEO Free.Now come to YouTube SEO Paid.

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2. YouTube SEO Paid

We mean Youtube Video SEO Paid. When a job is not possible by ourselves, we hire someone else to do it. And that is when we can’t get ourselves to bring visitors with any other company or with Google Adsense. Then it can be called YouTube SEO Paid. Hope you understand something.

Note: Friends, you do YouTube SEO as much as you can. If your video SEO is done by another ad company. But then you will be harmed. Because it will not rank your video on the first page of YouTube.


Now let us know how we can do SEO very well and rank YouTube Video on our own. Then let’s go friends.

How does my YouTube video rank?

First of all, when we go to make a video, we will see how the view comes when we make a video on this topic. Then we will find a topic that no one has ever made a video about this relationship. And we sit down to make a video with all these unique ideas. Or spelling any kind of video is no problem. However, in the case of the video that you are going to make, your video resolution or quality must be one day high or high quality. So that other viewers do not go away.

Second: If we do tech channels or any other type of channel where we are connected. But then you have to make sure that the sound is high quality along with your video quality.

Fact: When we make a video, we will edit it well and the background sound will be attractive.
And I don’t give so many sounds so that the listeners don’t have difficulty in listening.
Cleverness: The work of video editing is over, now it’s our turn to do YouTube SEO. So what did you make the video you made. Select that topic and find a beautiful title. Then after we take out the title, we will write a nice big description in Notepad.

Find YouTube SEO Tag

Then now we go to Google. I will go there and use some tools. Those tools will work to get the tag out for us. Below I will give you a link to some of the tools that are very good for us. Go to that tool and you will just copy and paste the title. You will immediately take out a few tags from there and you will copy it and save it on Notepad. 

Tag Finding SEO YouTube Tools Link

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Then you copy the title, then go to Google, and paste it there, click on the search button and scroll down. Then select the number of tags below and paste them in Notepad. Then you copy the same title, and go to YouTube, go there and search by pasting it in the search box. You will see that many more tags will come.This way you can take out the tags and put them on Notepad and select the best tags.
  • Then your job will be to do offline YouTube SEO.
  • Then you will do online YouTube SEO.

How to do offline youtube seo?


First you select the video, then you click the right mouse button and go to setting properties. If you go there, you will see three settings

1. General 
2. Security 
3. Details 

You will select the number three. After selecting, you will go to the bottom. You can see the 

  • Title
  • Subtitles
  • Ratings
  • Tags 
  • and Comments below the description. 

So here you have to do YouTube SEO, that’s what I’m saying. The title that you selected in your notepad will sit in place of the title. Then copy paste the same subtitle. You will give 5 stars whatever you do during the rating.

Then we come to the tag. In the case of tags, you can paste the tags in Notepad for YouTube SEO. Again, during the comment, he pasted the same tag. Then offline YouTube SEO was done. Isn’t it? friends, so far we have learned to do offline SEO, now we will learn how to do online YouTube SEO.

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How do we do online YouTube SEO?

When we went through all the processes to publish videos on YouTube and uploaded YouTube videos, then we did the same way offline YouTube video SEO. That way you will do video SEO on YouTube online, it has nothing to say. But friends, when you did offline YouTube SEO, you got the option called rating. But in the case of online SEO on YouTube, it will not be complete. All the other options you can get online on YouTube SEO.


So friends, I hope I understand you in a very short time. However, if you think that you have not been able to understand in this way, then you can say in the comment box so that I can make it easier for you by making a video on this topic. Then you have to do one thing, comment and support this website. You can comment and tell me what you are worried about. So I can help you a little. Thank you.

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