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What is CSS: Types of CSS – What is the Benefits and Advantages of CSS?

What is CSS: Types of CSS - What are the Benefits and Advantages?
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What is CSS: Types of CSS – What are the Benefits and Advantages: In today’s article, we will learn “What is CSS” and “What is the function of CSS”.

When it comes to blogging or web designing, Then we are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. And so, in today’s article, I will answer many important questions in the world of web designing “What does CSS mean?”

What will we learn today? What is CSS? What does CSS do? What are the benefits and advantages? What are the uses of CSS? The difference between HTML and CSS How to learn CSS?

Before the advent of CSS, any web document had no structure, style, or design. That is, when a website or web page was visited, there was nothing but chaotic TEXT.

 So, no one likes to read these simple texts. However, HTML style tags were developed to solve this problem.

But this problem could not be solved. And so this style tag was further developed to develop a different kind of web document language (web document language).


And the name of this modern web document language is “CSS”. Let’s know what CSS is.

What is CSS?

What is CSS: Types of CSS - What are the Benefits and Advantages?

What is CSS: Types of CSS – What are the Benefits and Advantages?

The full form of CSS is “Cascading Style Sheets”. CSS is actually a modern language through which the design, style, layout, or structure of a web document/website can be created.

This web document language has been developed by W3C – World Wide Web Consortium. CSS is used to organize a web page or website.

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With this CSS language, you can control the color of a web page, font, size of text, spacing between elements, background images or background colors, different screen sizes for different screen size devices, display size, and more…

Remember, HTML and CSS both play an important role in creating a webpage. HTML reshapes webpages and CSS reshapes webpages. CSS and HTML are used together.

However, it is possible to use HTML without CSS. However, CSS cannot be used without HTML. CSS is a very simple computer language that can be easily learned. Writing HTML and CSS codes requires a text editor like Notepad.

It is important to use CSS codes to give a simple website an attractive look. So you understand, “What is CSS”? And what is “CSS”?


Types of CSS 

There are many different types of CSS.

  • Internal style sheet
  • External style sheet
  • Inline CSS codes

Let’s know the details in a detailed way.

What is an internal stylesheet?

In case of internal or embedded CSS we have to add <style> in the head section <head> of our webpage. Using this CSS styling process, designing a single page becomes a lot easier.

However, if the website has a lot of web pages, it is not convenient to use this process to add <style> to the <head> section of each page. This will take a lot of time.

What is External CSS?

In this process of CSS, CSS codes are written through a text editor and the file is saved with a .css extension. After that, the style sheet is to be applied to the webpage, and the CSS file is linked with the help of HTML.

To link a CSS file, the <link> tag is used in the <head> section of the web page. Used by linking to a CSS file outside the webpage, The process of this style sheet is called “external CSS”.

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What is Inline CSS?

This type of CSS is used to style any single/specific element of HTML. In this case, you only need to add the style attribute to the required HTML tag.

Suppose you only want to change the size or color of the text in the sidebar of your website, In this case, you can only apply CSS code in the HTML tag associated with the sidebar of the website. Thus, every type of CSS is used in web designing.


What does CSS do?

Why CSS is used If you have read the above carefully, then you must have understood that, CSS’s job is to “add style and design” to a webpage.

Webpage page layout, text color, font and text style formatting, etc. are all done through CSS.

In fact, CSS is a very powerful and modern style sheet language, which can be used to control the looks and style of the content on your web page.

Suppose you have created a website. Now, you want to change the color and size of your website article title.

In this case, you can easily change the size and color of the article title of your website using just a few simple CSS codes.

In this way, adding padding between title and content, space/padding in a paragraph, etc., can be easily done through CSS.

You can understand the importance of CSS in web design only when you can understand the benefits and advantages of CSS.


The benefits and advantages of CSS

  • Easy Styling :

It is very easy to style and design any webpage with CSS. You can write any CSS code once and use that code in different HTML properties as required. In addition, you can use the written code on other web pages or websites.

  • Keeps page load time low:
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Fewer codes are used to design a page with CSS. So, the fewer codes are used in a webpage, the better the loading speed of that page.


  • Easy to use :

you can set CSS rules in just one stylesheet for the whole website. This means that for designing and styling the entire website, each code can only be created by creating a single stylesheet file. As a result, the CSS code of the entire website remains in one place.

  • Responsive design:

It is not possible to optimize a website for different screen size devices using HTML only. However, using CSS’s Media Queries Rules, you can make any website responsive to different device screen sizes.


How to learn CSS?

To learn CSS you basically have to do a Web designing course or HTML course. As such, you can only learn CSS separately if you want. The answer to this question is how to learn CSS, but there are many.

However, we always get the solution to any question or problem from the internet. Then of course you will get different websites.

However, finding important and accurate information on the Internet is also a problem. So, you can learn CSS directly with the help of some websites which are trustworthy and from which you can get accurate information.

Best websites to learn CSS online


Our last word

So, friends, I hope you have fully understood CSS through today’s article. What does CSS mean, if you have any questions or suggestions,

Then let us know through the comments below. This is what I always try to do so that I can give you completely accurate and working information.

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