How to use Facebook VIP Cover Photo?

Here we will show some Facebook VIP cover photo, 

so that you can add your own picture. And similarly you can edit it yourself.

So how you can use Facebook VIP cover photo,

follow few steps. Then it will be possible for you.

1. First, log into your Facebook account.

2. Now you download any photo from the website.

3. Now you Login to your Facebook Profile.

4. Upload your cover photo to cover profile.

Well now see how beautiful your Facebook VIP cover photo looks

you have become a Facebook VIP account.

So whatever you have to do is a bit of a pain, but the result is good for you.

The reason for this is: Since all these cover photos are given in public places,

anyone can download Facebook VIP cover photos from here,

and then upload them to Facebook

But not unique to you. So create yourself, then it will be unique.