How to Delete Gmail Account

Many of us do not know how to delete Gmail account, and we can open Gmail account many times,

 so it is not difficult to remove it easily. But that's when our invalid Gmail becomes.

Or you don't need to use this Gmail account. Then we think it is better to delete this Gmail account.

 And for that you can see here how to delete Gmail account. There are some steps to follow, or method to follow.

1: Method:

First open your Gmail account. Open the Gmail that you are using.

2. Method:

Press or click on the profile icon of your Gmail account. Then the settings option will appear in front of you

3. Method:

Now you can see the option named "Manage your Google Account", click on it.

4. Method:

After you complete the above step, you can see the option called "Data and privacy" here. And you click on it.

5. Method:

In this option you scroll down, and there you will see the option called "Delete a Google service", click on it and open a new Windows.

6. Method:

Now you will go to another option, there select your Gmail email and put your email "Password" and click on "Next" button.

7. Method:

Then you click on confirm option to delete Gmail account.

If you have successfully deleted your Gmail account now. Now you can no longer use this Gmail account.