How you can log in or sign up to Facebook,I am showing it to you in a very easy step story.

1. First you log in to website 
2. Then click on the login button.

3. Now enter the email you created the account with here

4. Then enter your password here.

5. Then you see "Login" button, click on it.

How to sign up Facebook, see step by step.

1. First, open the Facebook website.

2. Click on "Create New Account" button.

3. Then click on "Next" button below on "Join Facebook" page.

4. On the "Whats Your Name" page, put your "First Name" and "Surname" and click on the "Next" button.

5. Now after adding your date of birth and year, click on "Next" button.

6. Now select your gender and click on "NextT" button.

7. Now set your desired password. Go to next page.

8. After that you can put or select any email.

9. Then click on sign up option.

Very congratulation you have succeeded in completing this task. thank you