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How to Translate English to Bangla 2022

How to Translate English to Bangla 2022

Translate English to Bangla – How to Translate Bangla to English 2022: Today I will show you how to easily Translate Bangla to English. What are the rules for translating from English to Bangla? Hopefully, those who are looking for an easy way to learn English quickly are also interested in learning the rules of translation.

If you know how to translate, you will be interested in reading books starting from English news. And knowing these also makes learning English easier. At present English is used everywhere.

Translate Bangla to English

When we see different English paragraphs or different articles in different places in English, to read or understand it we need to know English to Bengali translation. That is why we need to know the rules of translating from English to Bengali.

Knowing the rules, we can easily translate and understand the meaning of the sentence. So, let’s take a look at the rules for translating from English to Bengali.

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Translate sentences from any website online from Bengali to English or from English to Bengali. Sometimes we have a problem with Google, if we search for something we like, maybe we can find it, but it may be in English or another language.

You can easily translate the text of any website into Bengali without any copy paste. Those who use Google Chrome Browser know that Chrome Browser helps us to translate text of some websites into Bengali but not of all websites. This is also a web browser.

How to Translate English to Bangla 2022

How to Translate English to Bangla 2022

How to Translate English to Bangla 2022

Almost everyone has heard the name of this browser Yandex Browser 62mb This browser is still used by 100 plus million people. This browser has many features.

But I will know about that another day. Today we will learn how to translate any website post from Bengali to English online with yandex browser. Follow the steps below.

1. First download and install Yandex Browser from Playstore and open the browser.
2. Now click on the 3 dot at the top right of your browser that you want to change the text of the website to Bengali or English or any other language.
3. Now you will get an option called Translate page so click on it.
4. Now if the article written on that website is in English or any other language, the language will show in front of you. Click on it and select the language of your choice in the language you want to read.

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Google Translate English to Bangla

If you search on Google, you will easily find many websites to translate from Bengali to English. But here I will talk about the sites you are familiar with.

Google Translate

Everyone relies on all the apps or website cups made by Google because no ads can be found here and the apps or website of Google works very well.

With Google Translate you can translate any sentence from Bengali to English or from English to Bengali. You can also translate by recording voice. Not only Bengali English but from here you can translate 108 different languages. You can also use the Google Translation app if you think you can get it from the website or the Play Store.

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Yandex Translator

Everyone knows the name of Yandex. A part from India and Bangladesh, many people use Yandex search engine and Yandex browser. But you know what Yandex translator gives us.

From Yandex translator you can record voice and translate and re-write and translate. Not only that, from Yandex translator you can also translate any image text.

Bing Translator

From this beautiful site created by Microsoft company you can easily translate any word from Bengali to English or from English to Bengali and you can also copy it. From here you can translate 6 types of languages ​​besides Bengali and English.

Online The best website to translate from Bengali to English or from English to Bengali. If you search on Google, you will first find this website. Simply translate your Bangla or English text by clicking here. You can also use the English Translation app.

Rules for Translate English to Bangla

1. Read the main sentence carefully

When translating from English to Bengali, you must first read the English paragraph very carefully. If you do not understand all the sentences and try to understand what is said in the main word.

If you don’t understand something after reading it, you have to try again. Reading a few times will give you an idea of ​​the sentence.

2. Translate a draft

After getting a rough idea of ​​the sentence, it can be translated into a draft. Then by combining the original sentence with the draft, one can get an idea of ​​which part of the meaning is inconsistent or the meaning is not beautiful.

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3. Translate one line at a time

You have to try to translate it one line at a time. The translation must first be made in the literal sense. If you can’t do that, then you have to understand the main idea and translate it.

It should be translated in such a way that the meaning is correct. Cannot be translated in a way that wastes money.

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4. Find out a Bengali meaning nearby

If a word is too complicated or its meaning is not understood at all, then the English sentence should be read again in a good way and try to find a Bengali meaning nearby. If necessary, find out the meaning with different words.

5. Be careful about syntax

When translating simple, complex or compound sentences, one should try to keep it simple, complex and compound. However, if the translation becomes more difficult, the sentence may be translated shorter.

When translating, care must be taken that the translation is not random. Such as:
I saw the person who met yesterday is the uncle of my friend.

Random translation: I saw Lokata, the one who came yesterday is my friend’s uncle.

Correct translation: I saw the man who came yesterday, he is my friend’s uncle.

6. Quote translation

When translating, the quote must be correct. Quotes cannot be changed.

7. Proverbs, proverbs translated

When translating English proverbs, sayings, proverbs, etc., it cannot be translated literally. In that case you have to translate. When it comes to translating literally, translation often becomes ridiculous.


8. Must be translated according to subject, action, verb

Must be translated according to subject, action, verb. In the case of Bengali sentences and English sentences, this issue should be taken into consideration separately. Because Bengali sentence style and English sentence style are different.

Therefore, when converting from English sentence to Bengali sentence, the translation should be in Bengali sentence style. Such as:
Verbs are often implied in Bengali sentences. But verbs must be used in English sentences.

For example:

The day is good – the day is good. Again in English sentences the verb sits after the subject and then the action sits at the end.

But when translating into Bengali, care must be taken that the subject is followed by the verb and the verb at the end. For example: Shima read a book yesterday – Sima read a book yesterday.

9. Keep punctuation correct

The use of punctuation marks in sentences should be kept correct. If you do not use punctuation when translating into English, the meaning may change. The meaning of translation becomes clear when punctuation is used.

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If quotation marks are used in English sentences, they should be used in Bengali sentences as well.

10. Use money nearby

If you do not know the exact meaning of a word or sentence, you should try to find out if the meaning of the translation is correct. If the meaning is correct then it has to be translated accordingly.

If more than one meaning of a word is found while translating, the meaning should be used which is more beautiful and more acceptable in translation.

11. Individuals, places are not translate

If a word is a person, place or number, it is not translated. In that case it is necessary to use Bangla pronunciation.
For example: Dalton – Dalton, Dhaka – Dhaka.

12. Use of terminology

See if the term is used in the sentence. When translating terminology, common Bengali terminology should be used. If the conventional terminology is not easy then Bengali transliteration language should be used.
Such as: Radio – Radio, Fridge – Fridge.

13. Keep the semantic aspect of the sentence correct

When translating from English sentence to Bengali, care should be taken about sentence structure. Which sentence is questionable, which sentence is descriptive, which sentence is emotional, which sentence is wishful. You have to look at all these and then translate and use all the symbols in the sentence.


14. Guruchandali must be free from guilt

When translating, care must be taken that the same translation does not mix the language of the saint and the colloquial language.

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15. Paying attention to language

Language should be taken into consideration while translating. Language should not be complicated, language should not be a problem to understand. The language should be kept as simple and fluent as possible.

16. Know the usage of the article

When and when and article a, an, the English sentences are not used in Bengali sentences. We have to take care of this.
For example: The sun rises in the east – The sun rises in the east.

16. Keep the verb tense right

When translating, the tense must be correct. The words have to be kept right.


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