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What’s up everybody, Today we’re gonna talk about acing a top local SEO solutions with list building or LOCAL SEO SOLUTIONS okay. I’m gonna explain something I’ll make these real quickly seen, it was gonna be something you can implement in your actual business, right after you do this and then make a difference in the future of your business.

If you’re a local business a hair shop of fitness place anything any type of local business, that people have to show up to and they search and they want to go to your place and you haven’t done this yet this is something you’re gonna need to do it’s gonna be called list building okay.

my company specializes that when we do it with other businesses, because this is super important for the future of your business okay. I’m gonna explain two things ,one is that About local seo solutions 

1.The world is being coming digitally an important in person very social

So I mean it’s coming this wraparound, so wherever someone’s finding you and coming to your business. it’s going to be this wraparound that’s happening in the business that you really have to try to control and be everywhere someone can find you to make sure you’re one beating your competitor and you’re everywhere.

someone can find you so with the list buildings, the one thing that you have to know is that there’s 75 different platforms that you have to sing to to be able to create. this thing beautiful replication circle okay.

I’m gonna tell it to you right now there you go boom see that quick right there see. I’m gonna break down what is kind of here these are 75 places that people find people across the internet. when they’re trying to find a restaurant a business or tagging you or talk about it for someone else to find you look straight down, this list here you got

  • Apple,
  • being,
  • Foursquare,
  • snapchat,

All these places you have to submit to you. so that they hold your accurate information see, so we submit all these across the platforms for all of you to be found this creates that ability for your local seo solutions to go

Local SEO Solutions to get more powerful or to get stronger.

Because you’re now across all platforms and directories okay. that’s not even it overall. there’s four major places that have to have your information, that most places get their information from
these four platforms and if you’re but if you’re if your marketing team has not done that you really need to talk to about this honestly.

Because these are the simplest things they’re low-cost and they they make a great difference in the future means. when people try to find your business, so they go somewhere these places create 90 percent. I don’t know if it’s nine person that could be an over-exaggeration everybody.

let’s go 50 or plus percentage of all the information spread across the internet.

When people are searching for things so if you get on these places and provide. it they provide the accurate information everything’s clear and precise Google’s algorithms and everybody’s spiders were able to actually search and find your stuff in multiple places to give you actually ranking saying that you know you’re everywhere.

You know profiles you build like a 60% to 80%?

Profile just depending on the place you’re at or what kind of business you are and we sync it across all platforms also gives you the ability. if you change your hours or have to not be at work you can literally go in here change your hours and it’ll seek it across the whole plat
form to make sure that people aren’t coming to your store from all those platforms. when you’re not opening you know that’s that’s a key thing but for that that is our quick tip of the day Which is local SEO solutions


when you put your information across all these fans of places it creates those backlinks that you’re originally kind of looking for when people are searching for your name and that’s very very important that you have to understand. its backlinks all this SEO your stuff you pay for it stuff like this is simple and it’s guaranteed for your business to do it you don’t have to spend the manpower and time to do it a couple like mine.

9 of the best LOCAL SEO SOLUTION List

Nine of the best local list management tools available on the market today and all in-one local SEO software solutions.

  • Whitespark
  • Yext. Yext offers a variety of products and solutions that can help your brand improve local SEO.
  • ReviewTrackers.
  • Moz Local
  • Synup.
  • Local SEO checklist.
  • SEMrush. …
  • BrightLocal. …
  • Local advice.

you can take care of it also yeah what’s up make sure if you like this and this made sense to you please hit that share button. you’d be like come to the doses you know and come and get a little bit more and more every single time click the share button click a comment down below. if you didn’t understand follow us on Instagram on all the other platforms.

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