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The most popular gemstones jewelry

Citrine Jewelry

Want to wear the most trending and popular gemstone jewelry? You have landed on the right page, as here I will be discussing the most popular gemstone jewelry with you. Heard about sterling 925 silver? Of course, you would have; if not, then also, there is no problem, as I would be telling you about everything. So, let’s get started.

Firstly let us understand what sterling 925 silver is.

I am sure you must know about plain silver jewelry. So, sterling silver is also a silver metal that is mixed with other alloys, like copper and brass. Therefore, 92.5% is silver, and the remaining 7.5% is other metals. So, in today’s trend, this metal is used to make jewelry pieces, as it is easy to mold and make designs.

Now, when the metal is molded into the jewelry pieces, then the stones are set into it. Therefore, before that, stones have been cut, polished, and shaped into a metal size. Hence, this process makes wonderful and elegant gemstone jewelry. However there are many stones in the world, but let me tell you about the best gemstones, which you can buy and flaunt.

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Citrine is the yellowish-brown gemstone that is the birthstone of November month. It belongs to the quartz mineral family and comes in shades of pale yellow to brownish red. It forms the best kind of jewelry and is even very affordable. You can buy this gemstone, as it will always make you appear great. Moreover, it has gained the reputation of a success stone, as it brings great success in the form of profits to the one who wears it. Citrine jewelry develops financial prosperity, boosting the life of the person. Moreover, you can even gift this gemstone to your loved ones.


The brilliant gemstone Moonstone is an elegant gemstone with the power of the goddess Diana in it. Many people say that moonstones are moonbeams that have fallen to the earth. They have the energy of the moon in them, which blesses the wearer in every way. Furthermore, this gemstone comes in various shades, but the highest selling stone is the Blue moonstone jewelry. It also comes in shades of white, multi-color, pink, and many more. The best variety of moonstones comes from Bihar, India, and is exported to all over the world. Wearing Moonstone jewelry also enhances the ability to communicate with others.

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Aquamarine is a light blue color stone, which is one of the hardest stones ranging between 8 to 9 on the Mohs scale hardness. This stone has the energy of the sky and water together imbibe in it. Therefore, it is an excellent stone that belongs to the Beryl mineral family. Brazil is the Aquamarine capital of the world. Moreover, it is the birthstone of the ones born in the month of March or the ones having Pisces as their zodiac sign. These are rare gemstones, but when they are worn, they appear beautiful. Also, Aquamarine jewelry brings calmness and tranquility to your life.

Where to buy from?

Sagacia jewelry is the right place to buy these gemstones at the most affordable prices. The store provides its services all over the world. You can order your jewelry pieces by sitting anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will get a discount of up to 25% on the special occasion of Diwali. This offer is only valid till October 25, 2022. Explore the websites, blogs, descriptions, and jewelry. There you will find more stones, which also you can buy. Check them all today and get the most popular gemstone jewelry collection.

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