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Study MBBS In China’s Top Medical Colleges

Study MBBS in China

Why study for an MBBS in China?

As an international student, you may be wondering why you should choose China for your MBBS studies. There are plenty of other opportunities around the world to study Medical Biology, so why go to China? “Web Consultants has listed some of the reasons why China is the most attractive place for international students to study MBBS abroad.

High level of education and research

Firstly, Study MBBS in China is affordable. Chinese universities offering MBBS programs for international students are not only affordable but also highly regarded, with the latest technology and innovative research. China can be said to have invested years in research.

According to the US National Science Foundation, in 2016, the number of scientific publications surpassed the number of scientific publications in the US for the first time, which is a great achievement.

There are 426 000 publications in China, compared to only 409 000 in the US. According to the Nature Index, China ranked second behind the US in terms of the quality of scientific publications in the 2018 ranking of the top 82 journals.

In the past, many people used to say that Chinese education is not as good as Western education, but now the opposite is true. Health is a priority in China. As a result of this focus, China now has around 100 national clinical research centers. China is now actively developing clinical guidelines and increasing capacity every year.

Affordable tuition fees and study opportunities

One of the main reasons why international students come to China to study MBBS is the affordable tuition fees offered by Chinese medical universities. Tuition fees at Chinese medical universities offering MBBS are typically between 18 000 and 20 000 RMB, which is very affordable compared to the fees offered by private medical universities in the home country, especially for Pakistani students.

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On the other hand, it is easier for foreign students to enter Chinese medical universities than universities in other developing countries, although Chinese medical universities have better facilities, equipment, faculty, research, and hospitals than universities in other developing countries.

Accreditation of more international institutions

On the other hand, the wide accreditation of Chinese medical universities worldwide is also an important factor. Several Chinese MBBS (clinical medicine) universities are accredited by several international organizations such as ECFMG, WDOMS, WCAME, WFME, FAIMER, PMC (Pakistan Medical Council), etc. After completing MBBS in China, students can easily take global exams such as USMLE, PLAB, AMC, HPCSA, PMC, etc.

Affordable and high standard of living

Life in China is affordable and has a high standard of living. Typically, a student should be able to afford 600 RMB per month for food and daily expenses. However, please note that individual costs may vary depending on the standard of living.

High-quality transport

Transportation is also an important issue for foreign students studying in China. China has many modern transport systems, both between cities and within cities. Local bus, BRT and metro systems are modern, cheap, and easily accessible for urban travel.

On the other hand, urban transport is also highly developed and the main mode of transport in China is rail. CRH trains reach speeds of around 350 km/h, which is much higher than traditional means of transport such as buses, popular in other developing countries. You can also travel between cities by plane or bus.

Explore and enjoy 5000 years of Chinese history

Before Covid-19, 492 185 international students studied in China. International students who come to China to study the MBBS can also experience and explore one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, dating back to 2700 BC. China has a rich culture and heritage, and wonderful artefacts to visit and learn from. Among the most interesting sights are the Great Wall of China (one of the 7 Wonders of the World), the terracotta warriors in Xian, the pagodas in Dali, the Forbidden City and others.

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A very safe and friendly environment

China is one of the safest countries in the world for international students. The Chinese are extremely friendly and helpful and generally never want to cause trouble for foreigners. The sense of security is so great that you can walk around the city at night without fear. However, this does not mean that one should be careless, as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You are not allowed to use a gun in public in China, but if you find one on someone, it is a crime punishable by a minimum of three years in prison, which contributes to greater safety and lower crime rates. The Chinese population is generally peaceful and public security is good. International students wishing to study an MBBS in China do not have to worry about security and can safely choose China as their preferred destination to study an MBBS.

Opportunity to learn Chinese

Chinese is known as the world’s oldest written language and the most widely spoken language in the world. In addition to studying an MBBS in China, you can learn Chinese and expand your linguistic arsenal. Thanks to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, many Chinese companies are expanding their operations around the world, and people who speak Chinese and understand Chinese culture can get good, well-paid jobs in these Chinese companies. It is therefore advisable to learn Chinese alongside your MBBS in China, which can bring you additional benefits later in life.

Hospitals where internships are available

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Students studying for an MBBS in China can also take the opportunity to do an internship at a hospital affiliated with their university.

In fact, this is a great opportunity as you will be able to work with the best and most qualified doctors in hospitals that are not only clean and well-organized but are also equipped with the latest equipment and technology.

Friendly and helpful lecturers

Professors and lecturers at Chinese universities are very friendly. In my experience, if a foreign student studying MBBS in China does not understand something, the professor tries to explain it to him in detail. If the student still does not fully understand, the professor can invite him to his office after class and explain the topic in more detail. The best thing is that professors teaching MBBS in China are willing to pass on their knowledge to their students and are very happy to teach their students and see their students succeed.

International environment

If you want to study MBBS in China, in addition to all the above advantages, you should also focus on exposure to an international environment that can boost your confidence and your worldview in general. Your class may include students from different countries, nations, and colors. This will give you the opportunity to meet and understand people from different cultures, which will give you a deeper understanding of the different nations with which the Almighty has blessed the Earth!


In conclusion, for international students, studying for an MBBS in China is an excellent choice. At Web Consultants, we care about your bright future and have been helping international students enroll for MBBS in China since 2007. So, stop worrying and trust us as we will help you realize your dream and help you enroll for MBBS in China.

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