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Small Business Ideas for – Small Scale Investments

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Pakistan is home to the 5 most populous country in the world, with almost half of its population being made up of youth. If the government takes the necessary steps, Pakistan’s economy and population can grow tremendously and eventually become an Asian Tiger.

Pakistan’s youth are full of potential and talent. If they are given the right direction, they can accomplish great things. Pakistan is in a transformative age. The trend is shifting away from employment to entrepreneurship.

A few bright, innovative business ideas are all that’s needed to help Pakistanis grow their businesses from small-scale investments. It doesn’t take huge investments to make a business successful. Instead, it can be started with smaller investments and then grown.

Pakistan is no exception. Every country has different business environments. After much research, we have selected the most suitable and the best small-business ideas in Pakistan that require minimal or no investment. This is all for our customers and readers.

Freelancing Business. No Investment.

This is one of the best ideas and is extremely popular in Pakistan. Nearly every home in Pakistan has an internet connection and a computer.

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This means that you only need to advertise your skills through the right platform. You can create an account on any freelancing site and begin your own full-time or part-time job. You may be able to convert your individual work into a new company, offering services the same or to many other clients.

Online Channel – No Investment:

This business idea doesn’t require investment. To upload and edit videos, you will need an internet connection. To upload videos from your skills to any platform, you will need to create an online channel.

You can upload your videos to several platforms and make money online. The most common trend in cooking videos is to upload them on Youtube.

After you create your Youtube channel and register, you can upload videos about cooking or other skills. After you have received a certain number of visits and subscribers, the monetization stage is initiated. You start receiving money to your financial account for every view and likes.

Small Food Stalls for Sale – Small Investment:

For a personal business that is less than Rs. 50, 000, local food stalls can be a great idea. It requires only a small mobile stall, ingredients and cooking equipment/utensils.

. These stalls could offer a variety of food options. These stalls could be used to sell a variety of foods.

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Small Organic Farm- Small Investment:

The small-scale organic farming is very different from the traditional farming. You could make a lot of money from small scale organic farming, or it could supplement your regular income.

Because of the dangers of synthetic fertilizers, customers will be more likely to buy organic food products that are completely free from artificial fertilizers.

App (App) Development – No Investment:

Online businesses are characterized by low or no investment. App development in English and Urdu is also free of any investment. All you need to do is have a computer and internet access, which everyone has both in urban areas and some rural areas.

Apps written in Urdu are highly sought-after and can be sold to make Pakistanis more fluent in English.

Themed Restaurants with Medium Investment:

Urban areas -themed cafes, restaurants or cafe shops are very popular places to meet up with friends and family.

People who live in cities seek to escape the hustle and bustle and work life. They want a peaceful place where they can spend time with their families and friends, and be able to relax. This is an opportunity you could exploit with a moderate investment of around Rs. You could start your highly profitable business with as little as 10-20 lacs.

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