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Reasons why diamond is considered as status symbol in our society

Since the beginning, jewellery has been used to embellish human bodies. The raw materials used to make jewellery have evolved over time, and today there are many different metals used to craft an attractive product. Jewellery now has meanings other than merely improving human appearance, with the status symbol being the most notable. Diamonds have been regarded as status and prestige symbols. Diamonds have been used historically to reflect wealth and power by kings, queens, conquerors, and even the richest among us. There are many reasons behind diamonds holding such a prestigious position.

A status symbol represents something expensive or rare used to indicate a high social status to the owner, and a diamond fulfils all the criteria to be a status symbol. Diamond history is intertwined with the history of human civilization. It has been used as jewellery to express love or desire. In addition, it is believed that it keeps witches away and guards the person against bad omens. It is believed that diamonds were discovered deep behind mountains defended by serpents. Diamond rings are gifted as a sign of undying love and desire to spend all of eternity together with vouchers and promo codes.

In some cultures, wedding jewellery is shown to signify a family’s wealth, power, and influence. People love to wear jewellery worldwide, not simply to look good or to show off their good taste, but also to flaunt their status in front of others. Modern society is increasingly experimenting with new jewellery designs because doing so conveys a certain sophistication, especially when wearing an expensive or difficult-to-find piece like a diamond. It is also seen that during economic distress, when the currency value dips down, diamonds stay the same and are used for trading goods or services.

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The exquisite designs of these stunning pieces are made of expensive metals like gold, platinum, and other rare metals, studded with diamonds. It is a matter of prestige to wear such jewellery on fingers, necklines, and ear lobes. It not only demonstrates the taste but also reflects the financial flexibility. Diamonds have historically been a woman’s best friend, and their status makes them more than just beautiful. Since diamonds represent status in society, a budget-friendly solution like a lab diamond rings UK can come to the rescue where an individual can buy a bigger piece on the same budget that mimics the properties of a natural stone.

Certain cultures in Rome and India allowed men to wear jewellery denoting high rank. Jewellery was, therefore, beyond the reach of males in lower social classes. Even today, in some societies, having an abundance of jewellery elevates a person’s status. Celebrities worldwide display their position, popularity and identity through the expensive jewellery they wear. The expensive diamond stones on an engagement ring demonstrate the family’s purchasing power. Bespoke engagement rings are the current trending affair among the affluent class today. Diamonds have been used as adornment, currency, a record of wealth and ownership.

Diamonds have been getting more and more popular throughout the years. Today, diamond rings are viewed as patriotic emblems. They distinguish themselves from other materials due to their distinctive appearance and endurance. A woman becomes the talk of the town and the envy of other women by wearing a chunk of diamond on her hand. Diamonds are expensive and rare; hence owning them symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

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