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Top 10 Ways Online income BD with Mobile 2023
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10 Ways Online income bd with Mobile 2023: Earn money online bd with mobile 2023 (earn money with mobile): One of the most popular keywords in Google search trend now. Online Income 2023 with mobile. Yes, I am talking about online income.

Nowadays it is very popular people are running after this online income as soon as they find it.

However, he is disappointed not to get anything believable. And you may be one of them.

And who doesn’t want to make income on mobile? So I came here today to solve this problem of yours and with a great opportunity.

By now you must have understood what our discussion today is going to be centered on.

Yes, today we will talk about online income. And you will be more surprised to hear that you can make this online income through your mobile or smartphone.

Online Income bd with Mobile 2023

online income bd from mobile

online income bd from mobile

Are you being too curious? Let’s start our discussion today – how to make money online with mobile.

10 Ways online income bd with mobile 2023?

(top 10 ways online income bd with mobile 2023) With mobile, it is possible to earn some money by spending some time. But it is good to know that no one can gerranty you that this income will be lasting. And this income is absolutely negligible.

Now you may say, then what is the benefit of my income?

Yes, it is normal to have your question but the income I am talking about is not insignificant but you can easily earn Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 in a whole month.

And keep the rush for this income a little away.

Because if you think about income today or read today’s post, you will not be able to earn income from tomorrow. For this you need to be regular for 3 to 6 months.
And it is through this hard work that at some point your income will be lasting.

Youtube: Online income bd with mobile from Youtube 2023

(earn money online income bd from youtube with mobile phone) You may have stopped listening to the word ‘earn money’ from youtube with mobile, right? But there is no reason to stop because the reason you think YouTube is impossible is not impossible at all.

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Yes, you can run YouTube with mobile. And you can make the video that is the lifeblood of YouTube with this mobile.

You do not have to buy an expensive camera for this. No need to buy any DSLR.

You will be surprised to know that almost all the famous YouTubers of today used to make their videos with this mobile in the beginning. So you can start today.


Youtube on Make a video?

Usually everyone has a question whether they will make a video. You too may be engrossed in his thoughts. The only thing I can suggest to you is to start making videos on any topic of your choice. Yes, your favorite topic could be a recipe or a tech tutorial.

The bottom line is that you must have a love for what you are working on. So you can make income by making videos and showing ads on YouTube.

Another way to earn money is- (another way to earn money with smartphone)

Youtube on Video Sponsor:

(earn with video sponsor) You will see many companies talking about YouTube from time to time. Many people say that today’s video is sponsored by this company or that company.

And you can earn money through this sponsorship of YouTube video.

Affiliate: Video Affiliate Marketing

(earn with affiliate marketing) In many youtuber video descriptions you will often see the names of many products and a link with them. It’s basically affiliate marketing.

If someone buys that product through it, you will get one percent from it. And it is also possible to earn income.


Blogging: Earnings by blogging on mobile

(earn from blogging with smartphone) Many people have become self-sufficient by blogging on mobile. And you will be surprised to know that it is possible to earn thousands of rupees per month. For which you have to start with a whole lot of effort.

Blogging basically means writing about a specific topic or more than one topic on a website.

Many people ask how blogging is possible on mobile? The answer for them is that you use Google Blogger. Then blogging will become an industry for you.

Blogger can run for free on PC or laptop as well as mobile. This issue of income by blogging with mobile basically depends on two things. That means you can earn from here in two ways. They are-


Google Adsense: Earnings by showing ads through Google AdSense

(earn with google adsense) Yes, in a previous discussion we learned about earning through Google Adsense. In fact, the main thing is to show ads on your website. And the more people who watch these ads, the more your money will increase.

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Refer Link: Earnings by affiliate link

Suppose you open a mobile review blog. You highlight the descriptions of different mobiles in your blog. In a word, those who need phones or mobiles come to your blog.

In this case, you can earn AdSense by writing a description of the mobile, as well as attach an affiliate link of your product in a line at the end of all.

Now whoever reads your post and likes the mobile, if he buys it by clicking on that link, you will get a share of it.

And in this way the affiliate can be connected to the website like YouTube affiliate. Through which it is possible to earn easily.

Android Apps: Make Money With Android Apps

(earn with android apps) You may be very surprised to hear about it. Is that so? However, there is no reason to be surprised. Because earning money from mobile or Android apps is real now.

Earlier it was spread as a rumor but now it has become a reality.
But there is one thing here and that is the right app selection.

If you search for earning apps in Google Play Store, many apps will appear in front of you, but are they all true?

Not at all. All these apps but not true at all. And so you have to choose the right apps. Here is a list of some apps for you.

Clicpclaps Apps: Income from ClipClaps apps or others apps

Yes, you may have heard of the ClipClaps app. You may have seen various proofs that this is one of the most popular apps and that it is a source of income for people.

The main thing here is that you have to watch the video and give a like. For this you will get an amount of money. They will also give you an amount for your reference if you refer others.

Ring id: Income from Ring ID

Ring ID is another app like clip claps. And the biggest thing is that the popularity of this Bangladeshi app is different here. You will find this type of job and at the same time you have the opportunity to earn money by watching videos.

Yes, like clip claps, you can easily earn money by watching videos.

Quiz Apps: Earn money from various quiz apps

Currently you can see many apps in the country. And the amount is increasing day by day. And some of these quiz apps are giving you the opportunity to earn money by playing quizzes.

In addition to studying through this, you will be able to earn a good amount of money. One such app is WinIT.

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Facebook: Like on Facebook, earn money by sharing comments

You have been on Facebook for a long time. So maybe you’re pretty good at using it. And in the last few years, he has shared many likes on Facebook. Maybe that’s why you like it.

But how would you feel if someone paid you for every like or comment? Surely much better, isn’t it?

Yes, such a website called Share YT is keeping that facility for you. By signing up to this website you will be able to fully understand their activities.

Here every day new work of new clients is added. And they also put a good amount of money to share in every like comment.

Through this, even if you refer someone else and sign up, you will get money for it. And you can take money for the development of your own mobile.

Url shortner: Income from Short Link Website

Think about how many places you have seen this article. You may not be able to catch the number. Because you have seen the use of this bit Lee thousands of times. And do you know this Beatle?

This is a link shortener which means to shorten the link in Bengali.

If you click on the link of, you will see that the link that was with has redirected you to another big link. And this is basically the work of your link shortener. However, you can not earn income from

But there are some more popular websites like, etc. And you will be amazed to think that this task is easy at once. So you can make your own income from the phone.

Some tips on mobile income

In the above discussion we have learned how you can earn money through your mobile. He had both permanent and temporary arrangements.

But one thing you have to say about whether it is permanent or temporary is that since you want to earn income with mobile, you have to work a little harder.


In fact, if you have a laptop or PC, you can easily do the above. But it will be a little difficult to do the thing with your mobile. I say difficult but not impossible.

And to do this hard work you will need a lot of hard work. For the first 5 to 6 months you will continue to work as you please. At this time income or excessive income should never be expected.

But once you get the job done, you don’t have to look back.
Hopefully the above process will come in handy and you will be able to see the face of your income in a very short time.


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