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MBBS In China’s Top Medical Colleges 2022

MBBS Education in China

MBBS in China is a good choice for students who want to study MBBS abroad. Many medical school candidates are now interested in Chinese medical schools. According to the new official 2021 PMC list, all 45 Chinese universities offering MBBS in English meet the criteria set out in the official PMC list. All medical schools are affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

The official website is Students of color from different nationalities, religions, castes and cultural backgrounds are interested in studying MBBS In China 2022. The number of foreign students enrolled in MBBS programs in Chinese higher education institutions is growing rapidly.

In the last two years, more than 10,000 students from around the world have traveled to China for MBBS. Most students come from Asia-Pacific countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Nepal, Africa, and Afghanistan. It is well known that China is the second largest region in the world. It is also one of the world’s leading economies with advanced technology and infrastructure.

Thanks to the world-class Chinese Medical University, it is now possible to fulfill your dream of becoming a successful doctor. China is an ideal destination for international students studying MBBS (clinical medicine). It is quite difficult to study MBBS in your home city due to various disadvantages such as high tuition fee structure and stringent entrance exams.

China offers MBBS and surgical degree programs at very affordable prices and provides many opportunities to become a successful doctor. Today, China is the best choice for future medical professionals due to its high-quality medical programs, advanced educational infrastructure, rich culture, traditional world-class infrastructure, and extensive experience in Western medicine.

MBBS in China is the most popular training requiring minimal effort. Foreign students study in English. China has some of the best, top-ranked universities in the world that offer an excellent educational experience and in-depth knowledge. Also, MBBS in China is recognized by the World Health Organization, the National Medical Council (formerly the Pakistan Medical Council), and many other institutions.

Studying MBBS in China

However, the widespread acceptance of medical degrees offered in China, affordable tuition fees, global recognition, advanced training materials, and state-of-the-art technology make Chinese universities a better destination than other countries.

MBBS in China: a comprehensive overview

Degrees offered.

MBBS (Clinical Medicine).

  Duration of study.

  4.9 years of study + 1 year internship.

  Eligibility criteria.

MDCAT qualification

  Tuition Fees.

  Rs. 2,20,500 – Rs. 7,87,500 per annum

Check the tuition fee structure


  Up to Rs 50,000.

  Number of recognized universities

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  45 universities

  Working tool


  Total number of foreign students per year

  3370 approx.

MBBS is a popular major among Pakistanis, with one in five students aspiring to become a doctor. Since this is not possible in Pakistan, many students migrate abroad, especially to China. There are many universities in China. However, not all of them are approved for PMC/MCI.

If you want to practice in Pakistan, you must enroll in a PMC-accredited medical college. There are 45 medical schools in China accredited by the PMC. These universities have some of the best medical facilities and high-quality teaching tools in the world, providing excellent training and a wealth of clinical knowledge. China’s medical universities are under the direct control of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Chinese MBBS have Chinese language qualifications, making it easier to communicate with local patients. In China all foreign students are treated like ordinary or local students, so students have a fair chance and are treated like Chinese. Chinese clinical medicine programs are equivalent to MBBS and are recognized by authoritative international organizations such as UNESCO and WHO. Also, Chinese universities provide adequate accommodation and food, which is an advantage for family therapy.

University living facilities are available in almost all institutions. Some universities also offer self-contained dormitories with private rooms and bathrooms. Libraries are stocked with up-to-date publications, including magazines, newspapers and books. Studying medicine in China is a worthwhile decision, full of opportunities to realize your dream career.

MBBS fee structure in China in 2022

University Tuition Accommodation Scholarship

Yangzhou University 33,000 RMB

3.46.500 INR 6,000

63000 INR available

China Medical University 41,000 RMB

4,30,500 INR 9,000 RMB

INR 94,500 Available

Nanjing Medical University 30,000 RMB

3.15.000 INR 4500 CNY

47250 INR Available

Xi’an Jiaotong University 40,000 INR

4.20.000 GBP 6500 INR

68,250 INR Available

Xinjiang Medical University 29,800 INR

3.12.900 INR 5,000 CNY

Available INR 52,500

Wuhan University 30,000 RMB

3.15.000 INR 4500 RMB

47250 INR available

Dalian Medical University 41,000 INR

4,30,500 INR 9,000 CNY

94,500 INR Available

Wenzhou Medical University 30,000 INR

3.15.000 INR 4500 INR

47250 INR Available

Huazhong University

Nanjing Medical University RMB 34,000

3.57.000 INR 6,000 INR

63000 INR available

Zhejiang University 42800 INR

INR 4.49.400 6000 CNY

INR 63000 available

Southeastern University 32800 RMB

INR 3.44.400 6000 CNY

INR 63000 available

Qiqihar University of Medical Sciences INR 22,000

INR 2.31.000 4000 CNY

INR 42,000 available

Jilin Medical University 29,000 RMB

INR 3,04,500 available INR 6,000

INR 63,000 available

Ningxia Medical University 29,800

3.12.900 INR 5000 RMB

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52,500 INR available

Anhui Medical University 40,000 INR

4.20.000 GBP 12,000 INR

1,26,000 INR Available

Chongqing Medical University RMB 42,800

4.49.400 INR 6,000 INR

63,000 INR available

Capital Medical University 50,000 RMB

5.25.000 INR 6,000 CNY

INR 63000 available

Tianjin Medical University 41,000 INR

4,30,500 GBP 4500 CNY

47,250 INR available

Shandong University 45000 RMB

4,72,500 INR 9,000 RMB

94500 INR Available

Hebei Medical University 32,800 INR

3.44.400 INR 6,000 INR

63,000 INR available

Fudan University 75000 INR

7.87.500 INR 10,000 RMB

10,5000 INR available

Jiangsu University 34000

3.57.000 INR 6,000 INR

63000 INR available

Southern Medical University 33000

3.46.500 INR 6000 INR

INR 63000 available

Jinan University 34000

3.57.000 INR 6,000 RMB

INR 63000 available

Guangxi Medical University 35,000

INR 3,67,500 6000 RMB

INR 63,000 available

Sichuan University 45,000

INR 4,72,500 6000 RMB

INR 63,000 available

Harbin Medical University 30,000 RMB

3.15.000 INR 3600 RMB

INR 37,800 Available

North China University 21,000

2.20.500 INR 5600 RMB

58800 INR Available

Jinzhou Medical University 32,000 INR

3,36,000 INR 5,000 INR

52,500 INR available

Qingdao University 30.000 INR

3.15.000 INR 10,000 INR

10,5000 INR available

Tongji University 45,000 INR

4,72,500 INR 9,000 INR

94500 INR available

Shihezi University 45,000 RMB

4,72,500 INR 5,000 RMB

52,500 INR available

Nantong University 28,000 INR

2.94.000 GBP 7500 INR

78750 INR available

Soochow University 31,000

3,25,500 GBP 4500 INR

47250 INR available

Ningbo University 28,000 RMB

2.94.000 INR 8,000 RMB

84,000 INR available

Fujian Medical University 35000 RMB

3.67.500 INR 4000 INR

42,000 INR available

Xuzhou Medical University 32,000 INR

3.36.000 INR 4600 INR

48300 INR available

China Three Gorges University 24000 INR

2.52.000 INR 4800 INR

Available 50400 INR

Zhengzhou University 35,000 INR

3,67,500 INR 5,000 RMB

52,500 INR available

Guangzhou Medical University 30,000 INR

3.15.000 INR 6,000 INR

63,000 INR available

Zhongshan University 48,000 INR

5,04,000 INR 5100 RMB

53550 INR available

Why study MBBS in China?

Let us discuss the factors that encourage students to study medicine in China.

China is the fastest-growing country in the world and one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It leads the world in many areas of science, technology, and medicine.

Word of mouth on the Internet has been very positive about China’s medical universities.

The admission requirements set by Chinese universities are very simple and students can easily meet the admission requirements.

International students do not need to take an entrance exam to be admitted to the MBBS program. Chinese universities offer direct admission.

At Chinese universities, classes are taught in English.

Studying medicine in China is a cost-effective way to obtain a highly specialized education.

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For financial assistance, most Chinese universities offer scholarships for students.

World-renowned medical degrees awarded by Chinese institutions are recognized by MCI and other medical accrediting bodies.

Thanks to modern teaching facilities and international educational standards, China has become a benchmark for quality education worldwide.

Chinese universities are well equipped with laboratories, infrastructure, spacious classrooms, digital teaching methods, a favorable academic atmosphere, modern dormitory buildings, and a healthy and private environment.

There are separate dormitories for girls and boys. Shared kitchens, laundry, study rooms, fax machines, and other necessities are provided.

These universities are among the best medical universities in China.

Many of the accredited universities are located in cosmopolitan provinces, which attract many people from different parts of the world. As a result, China offers students a wide range of employment opportunities as they are able to explore the world and make extensive contacts.

The safety and security of international students in China is a top priority. On the other hand, since women are the majority in China, it is safe for girls.

Thanks to sponsored scholarships and high tuition assistance, the cost of attending college in China is about 1.5 million yen per year. So, you can keep your budget low.

Pakistani students studying MBBS in China

The dream of many Pakistani students and their parents is to obtain a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. However, for various reasons this dream could not be realized, thanks to the continuous efforts of Chinese medical colleges to educate more and more people.

Since all medical universities are under the control of the Chinese government, the government ensures that the quality of education is maintained and allocates scholarships and research budgets to each university. In fact, the Chinese government invests considerable funds in education and medicine. Even without scholarships, MBBS education in China is accessible and affordable.

As our closest neighbor, China offers excellent opportunities and facilities to Pakistani students. It offers direct admission to top universities at very low cost.

Since 2008, the admission criteria for Pakistani students has changed: since 2008, Chinese medical schools have required students to obtain at least 60% marks.

Also, the Pakistan Medical Council has announced that from 2017-2018 onwards, anyone wishing to do MBBS in China or any other foreign country must pass the National Qualifying and Admission Test (MDCAT) organized by the NTA. All Pakistani students are required to pass the MDCAT exam after 10+2. Failure to pass the exam will disqualify a student from applying to study medicine in China.

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