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How to Identify the Best Long Tail Keywords “SEO Tools to Rank Your Website Faster” 2022

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How to Identify the Best Long Tail Keywords “SEO Tools to Rank Your Website Faster” 2022

SEO tools is helpful for the businessmen to create such websites which can get higher rank in the search engines. The SEO will bring more qualified and potential customers to your website and SEO will also increase the conversion rate of the website. SEO is also helpful for your business to increase its brand awareness.
If you are just starting the SEO of your website, you will have to face lots of problems. To make the SEO process easy, the website developers make use of the SEO tools. Here, we will discuss the top SEO tools that can rank your website faster.


Ahrefs is a paid SEO tool and it can enhance your SEO efforts in tons of ways. With the help of Ahrefs, you can also enhance such SEO tactics for which you don’t have enough knowledge. By using Ahrefs, you can analyze the high traffic pages of your competitors. As a result, you can find out the low-hanging content opportunities. To rank higher in the search engines, you will have to follow the link building strategies of your competitors.
Ahrefs is also the best tool which provides you with an idea about the link building strategies of your competitors. After analyzing their link building strategies, you can also create your link building strategies. You can also use this tool as a keyword finding tool. With the help of its keyword finding tool, you can easily find out the low competition keywords. After writing well-optimized posts on the low competition keywords, you can easily rank these posts higher in the search engines.
Some technical SEO issues can hurt the SEO of your website. You can also find out these issues on your website. After finding and removing these issues, you can easily increase the ranking of your website.


You can also use SEMRush to boost up the SEO and content marketing strategies of your website. To optimize your overall marketing strategy, this tool is using lots of features and tools. If you want to drive more and more traffic to your website, you can use its long-tail keywords tool.
By using this tool, you can easily find out the low competition long-tail keywords with high traffic. After writing the well-optimized post on this keyword, you can easily rank it in the search engines.
This tool will also provide you with an opportunity to find out the content opportunities by finding the high-performance keywords of your competitors. You can also create a project on this tool and track the ranking of your keywords in the search engines.
If you have created the high DA and PA backlinks but these backlinks are disappeared without showing any warning, you can also reclaim these backlinks. You can also find out your organic competitors and you can also follow their SEO strategies.


Moz is an essential all-in-one SEO software suite. This essential software has lots of tools that can improve the SEO of your website. The most important feature of this tool is the links explorer.
To use this tool effectively, you should type the URL of your website or your competitor’s website in its search bar. After hitting the search button, you will get a complete profile of the site’s links.
If you want to improve the ranking of a specific page, you can also explorer a specific page in the Moz’s search bar. It will provide the complete detail about the link building strategies of your website or your competitor’s website. You can also use its feature of keyword explorer. When you explore keywords by using this tool, you will get an idea about the low competition and high competition keywords.
This tool will also provide you with an idea about the average monthly organic traffic of these keywords.
By following the low keywords with high traffic, you can easily get success. You can also use its feature of the rank tracker.
In this feature, you can place some keywords for your website. After placing these keywords, you can trace the ranking of these keywords.

Google Search Console:

If you are looking for a free tool to increase the ranking of your website, Google Search Console is the best tool for you. By using this free tool, you can find out the issues that are preventing your website from being indexed in the search engines.
You can use Google Search Console in various ways to increase the ranking of your website.
First, you can use it to submit the sitemap of your website. After submitting a sitemap of your website in the Google Search Console, you can tell the search engines about individual pages on your website.
This essential tool will provide you with an idea about the keywords that users are using to get access to your website. By focusing on the most performing keywords, you can drive more traffic to your website.
This is also the best tool to get an idea about the most popular pages of your website. You can also track the visitors to your website.

You can check either your website is mobile-friendly or not. This is also the best tool to track your link building strategies. You can also check and fix the broken links by using this tool.


If you want to increase the traffic to your website, you should use this tool. Its reason is that most of the people don’t find the focused keywords. If they don’t find the focused keywords, they can’t rank these keywords properly and instantly on Google.
By using the KWFinder, you can find out the long-tail keywords. This will provide you with an idea about the best long-tail keywords which have low competition and high monthly traffic

How to Identify the Best Long-Tail Keywords

Looking for a way to pump up your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), bring in more search traffic and increase your conversions? If so, you’ll want to learn more about long-tail keywords.
These are longer phrases that people are searching for online, often when they’re ready to buy or are looking for precise information. The best part is, it’s usually pretty easy to rank for these keywords, so you’ll save yourself time and effort.
Let’s take a closer look at long-tail keywords and how you can add them to your website to bring in more traffic and increase conversions.


What are long-tail keywords?


Long-tail keywords are low volume, hyper-focused keywords that people use when searching, especially when they’re ready to buy or want answers to concrete questions on a subject.
Today, the concept of the “long tail” refers to the length of the search query (three or more words), but that’s not where it originated. It originally described the part of the graph these types of searches occupy when SEO experts graph search queries out.
Short-tail keywords are the higher volume search queries that spike at the head of the graph, while the long-tail ones stretch out longer on the graph because there are more of them.

Why Focus on Long Tail keywords?


There are three reasons why you should focus on long-tail keywords in your SEO efforts.

1. They’re easier to rank for.

It’s easier to rank for long-tail keywords because fewer websites compete for them. For example, a keyword like “website builders” has nearly 390 million results in Google, meaning you’ll need to beat all of them to rank No. 1.
The long-tail keyword “best website builders for ecommerce,” however, is a better option as you’d only need to outrank 8.1 million websites.

2. They have high conversion rates.

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People searching for long-tail keywords are, generally speaking, further into the buying cycle than someone searching about the topic more broadly. These people already know the basic info about the subject and want an answer to a specific question. They search with more focus and intention and look for retailers, reviews and more, making the long-tail keywords convert more often.

3. They bring you more organic traffic.

People who use long-tail keywords are looking for particular information, so they’ll spend more time on a site they find in the search results. You’ll get more organic search traffic and decrease your bounce rates as they stick around longer.
Now that you know what they are and how they affect your SEO, it’s time to learn how to find long-tail keywords for your website.

How to identify the best long-tail keywords. Use these tips to find the best long-tail keywords for your website.


Use your analytics

Fire up your favorite tool and look at the long-tail keywords that are already bringing traffic to your website. Brainstorm related or similar long-tail keywords to the ones you already rank for. Stick to ones related to the top five that appear in this report, as people are already searching for them.

Use Google autocomplete

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Google’s autocomplete feature is a helpful way to find long-tail keywords since it uses actual words and phrases people are searching for. So, you type in “best website builders … ” and Google offers several suggestions like “for artists,” “for online stores,” “for hobbyists” and more.

Use Google’s “Searches related to” list

At the bottom of every search results page, Google displays a “Searches related to” list. These are, you guessed it, other related search terms people have used. Each of them is a long-tail keyword you could use to drive traffic to your website.


Ask Answerthepublic


Answerthepublic is a fantastic keyword research tool that generates question-focused keywords using the autocomplete data it mines from search engines. Enter your short-tail keyword on the site, and it’ll display a mindmap of all the questions people are asking with it. Here’s what it found for “website builders.”
Image Credit: via AnswerThePublic
Download your answers, and you’ve got a starting list of long-tail keywords to optimize your site for.

Use a trend tracker

Tools like Google Trends and Exploding Topics can help you identify new search trends that you can use to develop your long-tail keywords. Google Trends lets you search for your keywords while Exploding Topics has crea
ted visualizations for various categories of keywords and periods. The company’s weekly newsletter can help you identify the long-tail keywords before they blow up so you can optimize your site for it earlier.
Once you’ve identified your long-tail keywords, it’s time to create content for them and optimize your existing website for them. Make sure you’ve picked the right keywords for your SEO strategy. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the higher conversions and search results for them. Look for search terms that match your business goals and are relevant to your site visitors. The rest will take care of itself.
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