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Interesting Science of The Gemstones

Opal Jewelry

Colorful stones or captivating beauty is the right word to describe gems. However, tempting and organically evolved gems like Mookaite have many unique healing properties.

Gemstones have been at the epicenter of attention for all humans for centuries. The colorful shades with glossy glare and mysterious qualities impress and encourage people to purchase them.

Beauty is not just the sole reason to purchase valuable gemstone Jewelry. It’s beyond physical properties. Despite many superstitions and myths linked with jewels, many scientific bases and research vouch for their advantages.

Composition of Gems

Gemstones are composed of minerals found in the earth’s crust. They have a profound impact on their wearer. They radiate radiation and positive energies that relax your mind and soothe your soul and body.

Understanding Science of Gemstones- Gemology

Any mineral with a distinctive look and color is a K2 Jasper. It should be hard enough to sustain the natural settings and human interference without damage.

It’s periodic to find a gemstone among a cluster of mineral rocks. Due to their mineral content, gems have a chemical composition and crystal design that make them exclusive. Therefore, gemology studies focus mainly on hardness, crystal shape, specific gravity, and visual qualities.

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For measuring hardness, the gemologists use Moh’s scale. Gravity is all about the heaviness of the stone, while optical qualities assist in differentiating the ideal ways to polish and cut the Opal Ring.

Do The Gems Harness Celestial Energies?

Many civilizations in the entire history of humankind believed in the celestial powers of the gemstones. There must be a scientific reason behind their faiths, especially when documented and cited with proof. Therefore, modern scientists have attempted to study the impact of celestial energy emitted by heavenly bodies on gems.

When a crystal acquires such celestial energies through color-coded frequencies, they seep into your body and heal the issues afflicting your life.

Due to this reason, astrologers ask you to wear February Birthstone Amethyst so that they come in contact with your body. It enables the celestial rays to enter your body and system to show positive effects.

Gemstone Healing In Modern Times

The modern-age healing sciences are embracing alternative therapies that also cover gemstone healing. For the last five years, the search engine Google has analyzed the increase in searches for gemstones or crystal healing initiated by celebrity endorsements.

Many famous personalities are gradually getting attracted to this industry by choosing an alternative healing center for therapies based on gemstone healing

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Old- age scriptures from Egypt, India, and Chinese cultures prove that colorful stones carry a life- force connecting you to your body’s physical and metaphysical elements. When a healer places gems on varied Chakra points of your body, it assists in eliminating the negative energy and eradicates illness.

Scientific Validation of Gems

According to research, gemstone healing therapy begins a placebo effect in people. Placebo refers to the impact of a treatment that does not relate to the medicine but the patient’s response. It concludes that an individual might feel better after gemstone healing.

Apart from this, wearing precious and alluring gemstone accessories like Moonstone Jewelry balances emotions as the meaning of this elegant gem relates to sacred feminine energy.

Gemstone Healing Through Color Therapy

Every current-age science believes in the beautiful effect of colors on the human body. The color shades of green, red, blue, purple, and others can radiate rays that control the behavior and response of your body.

Gemstones have both the features of shine and color, so they react positively toward the light. Therefore, the wavelength of colored lights from the planets matches the sheen from their corresponding gems.

A gemstone soaks cosmic and solar energies when they pass through it and seep into the body. As a result, it evokes a positive response by reviving Chakra balance and leading to an improvement in health conditions.

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Every color has its specific attributes and exclusive impact on your life. Therefore, it’s pivotal to contact an astrologer to select the correct type of gem, relying on the planetary placement and movement in birth charts.

Colors of Gem And Their Significance

The colors of every gem depict a lot about it and radiate its energy positively to its owner. Such as, there are many blue color gems such as Larimar, Turquoise, and Aquamarine.

All three gemstones look gorgeous. Larimar is a rare gem with sea- blue color, and its pattern relates to sea waves. Its blue color depicts tranquility, peace, and serenity and revives the energy of its wearer with the same.

Turquoise is a graceful, classy, bluish-green gem that adds a glamorous touch to the look of anyone who styles it as an accessory.

It’s a December birthstone and is famous as a blue stone. Turquoise works effectively on the throat Chakra by improving communication skills which leads to/promotes clarity of thoughts.

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