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ICC FTP Server & ftpbd net | Best FTP server bd | What is FTP Server & How does FTP Server work??

icc ftp server and ftpbd net or best ftp server bd

If you have questions, what is icc FTP server? How it works, how much it is needed for us. And which might be the best ftp server for you. And with it you can build your own ftp server, what are the advantages of ftp, and all its problems or what, try to protect big ftp data. Without further let’s start with ICC FTP Server and FTPBD Net today Best FTP Server BD | What is FTP and how does it work? Learn more about the matter.

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This is a special ftp server link: icc ftp server 10.16.1oo.244 

What is FTP? What is the full form of FTP?

icc ftp server and ftpbd net or best ftp server bd

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. At one time, this FTP server was used more for internet. First FTP server was used around 1971. Initially (before the start of the modern Internet) it was used in the ARPANET Network Control Program or (NCP) (NNCP) to transfer files securely and quickly between servers and local computers. Later in modern times TCP/IP is used instead of NCP in today’s modern internet.

We know that new technologies are being discovered every day, and the speed of the Internet is also changing, where earlier files were transferred in a few hundred kilobytes per second, with the help of modern technology, it has now reached several terabytes. At the same time, FTP usage has become more stable.

There was a time when firewalls used to create problems with FTP connections on computers. And so FTP can be used beautifully. So it is more nicely optimized, along with user security, FTPS and SFTP were created.

And that’s why FTP is now more secure and more stable than before. And so almost all of us now find or use FTP server or FTP IP to download our required files.

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What is FTP Server?

Basically, FTP server here means the local server of a specific Internet Service Provider (ISP). Basically those who use broadband internet, they use the facility of this FTP server. This service cannot be used by anyone other than broadband users.

Each ISP has different FTP servers, but not everyone’s servers are equally stable or everyone has to get speed to update their servers properly, and therefore almost all Internet providers in Bangladesh create BDIX servers together. Almost all ISPs contribute to BDIX Server. Most FTP servers work with BDIX.

We already know that – FTP server is a local server, through which we can access and download all types of files stored on our ISP’s FTP server or computer through broadband internet connection. As we are broadband users.

We are connected to our ISP with the help of cable, and so when we download or stream anything from our ISP’s local folder or FTP server, we get several times the normal speed. Do you feel confused? And try to clear a little.

Imagine you are a Link3 user yourself. Now your ISP means Link3 – connects a fiver cable to their personal computer’s hard disk or their personal server, and connects the other end of the fiver cable to your computer. And since we are connected through cable. So you can access any file on your ISP’s server very quickly.

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How does FTP Server work?

If the question arises in your mind, how does the FTP server work? So I will say how a server works, to understand that, you must first understand what is the Internet? How does it work? When will you understand what the Internet is? How it works, you can easily know how an FTP server works.

We will discuss later what the internet is and how the internet works. Today our topic of discussion is FTP so let’s know its story.

We already know that – almost all Broadband ISPs in our country are running BDIX Server together. And so we take service from there even though it is not our ISP’s personal server. This means – you can use Link3’s FTP server without being a Link3 user.

Because the main work of BDIX is to connect all local servers of Bangladesh with each other, through which all ISP users can enjoy this service. That means that – mainly because of this server collaboration of BDIX, we can access the local server of any type of ISP. I hope you understand.

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What are the benefits of FTP? Advantages Of FTP Server

  • The biggest advantage of FTP is its fast file transfer, which is why FTP is so popular.
  • With the FTP client, you can access multiple directories in addition to multiple files.
  • If you want, you can pause your file transfer and start over.
  • If your connection is lost during your important file transfer, no fee, you can download or continue file transfer from the previous location if you want or if your connection is reconnected.
  • FTP also has the facility of auto backup, which is a great feature.

Disadvantages of FTP

  • FTP Lacks Security: Not all FTP servers provide encryption (SSL) facilities and hence using FTP is risky.
  • Not All Vendors Are Created Equal: All FTP server services are not the same. It depends on the controller of that server. So caution should be taken when using FTP.
  • FTP can be Vulnerable to Attack: If you use wrong FTP, your data can be stolen. If your password is weak or somehow gets into the hands of a hacker, then you can face a big loss.

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There are many types of FTP servers in Bangladesh including –

• BDIX Server
• ICC FTP Server
• Dhaka FTP Server
• 18 movie ftp servers
• movie server
• FTPBD net

etc. are quite popular.

Now we will know what ICC FTP SERVER is, what it does, what benefits are available here. Without further ado, let’s try to know more.

Best FTP Server bd List 2022

icc ftp server and ftpbd net or best ftp server bd

The best FTP server bd is the one that your provider owns or operate. But you can also check some other providers’ best FTP server bd and the list is given below.

  3. Movie Mela Live
  4. Movie Haat
  5. Discovery FTP
  6. VootBd
  7. OnBDIX
  8. Natural BD
  9. Boss BD
  10. Moja Loss
  11. The Introvision
  12. Fun Time BD
  13. Quick Online FTP
  14. E-Box File Server
  15. IT Base BD
  16. Movie Server – English
  18. Movie Server – Bangla
  19. Dhaka Movie
  20. Seba IT
  21. Panda Club BD
  22. Jhal Muri

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What is ICC FTP server?

Basically icc ftp server is: ICC Communication is a nationwide internet service provider licensed by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). This organization is an integral part of ICC Group, a team of highly talented, trained and self-motivated technical support, marketing and customer care people.

Advantages of ICC ftp server:

  • Vast experience in this sector
  • Cover all major areas of Bangladesh
  • We provide the best service we can hope for
  • A large number of POPs
  • Fully automated billing system
  • Fully protected

All ftpbd server list 2022

Many may use it, many may not, but you will get all the latest movies on IBOX server, but I did not find TV series here. index server

Apart from the servers mentioned in the above list, there are many other good BDIX FTP servers. But I can’t access them here so they are not listed. Among them, Unique FTP site comes first. You will get all the latest on this site even if it is a little late.

Next comes the name of bdplex, crazyhd, timepassbd, sky net online, powernetbd, bdiptv, and many more servers. But remember that if your ISP has its own FTP server, you will get the fastest speed. tp servers list

There are some other servers that are no less than the above list, but I couldn’t write the details because my ISP doesn’t support them, but you can definitely try them. I am trying to update the list regularly, if you want to share any information you can comment below.

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Since 2021 several FTP servers have changed in 2022, our list has been slightly updated with this year’s best websites. You can see some more changes to the list according to performance throughout the year 2022 server2 ftpbd net.10.16.1oo.244

 BDIX FTPbd Server List 10.16.1oo.244

ftp server 2022
1. SamFTP Server
2. Discovery FTP
3. DiscoveryFTP Movie
4. FTPBD Server
5. FTPBD Server 2
6. FTPBD Server 3
7. FTPBD Server 4
8. NaturalBD Server
9. NaturalBD Server 2
10. Dhaka Movie Server
11. CTG Movies
12. CrazyCTG
14. CTGFUN Media Server
15. Evil Lage CTG
16. CTG Hall Server
17. CTG Stream
18. CTGHub
19. CineHub24
20. MovieHaat Server
21. Ebox Live Server
22. Ebox FileServer
23. PollyFlix
24. AMR BD Server 1
25. AMR BD Server 2
26. CityCloudBD
27. BossBD
28. BossBD TV
29. BossBD Server 1
30. BossBD Server 2
31. BossBD Server 3
32. My Movie Bazar
33. AlphaBoradWay Server
34. Alpha Media Zone Server
35. BD Plex Server
36. TimePassBD Server
37. TimePassBD Server 2
38. FreeDownloadBD Server
39. CircleFTP Main Site
40. CircleFTP User Site
41. CircleFTP Server 2
42. CircleFTP HD
43. Mazeda Networks Server
44. Mazeda Networks Server Web
45. iHUB Server
46. Nagordola Server
47. CinemaBazar Server
48. CinemaBazar Server 2
49. InfoLinkBD Server
50. ABC Flix BD Server
51. My BD Plex Server
52. “Matha Nosto” Server
53. Asian FTP
54. MojaLoss Server
55. Elaach Server
56. Dhaka FTP
57. DnetDrive Server
58. Vdo Mela Server
59. SunPlex Server
60. MovieMela Server
61. MovieMela Server 2
62. MovieHaat Server (alternative)
63. MovieBoxBD
64. Patalpuri Server
65. NetatHomeBD Server
66. FunTimeBD Server
67. FunTimeBD 2
68. RangDhanu Live Server
66. FunTimeBD Server
67. FunTimeBD 2
68. RangDhanu Live Server
69. RangDhanu Live 2
70. Rangdhanu Live 3
71. ShowTimeBD Server
72. DigBazi (Khulna) Server
73. DFNBD Server
74. DotInterNetBD Server
75. Dflix Live
76. Dflix Live 2
77. EvoNetBD Server
78. DreamNetBD Server
79. BD DreamNet Server
80. BDLan Server
81. Cine Bioscope
82. Midi Plex
83. Midi Plex 2
84. TajPata 1
85. TajPata 2
86. BitFlixBD Server
87. KhulnaFlix Server
88. KhulnaFlix File Server
89. SwiftNetBD
90. AnosBD Server
91. BD Speed Server
92. Movies Counter HD
93. NetMatrixBD
94. Bol Movies
95. Video Elephat BD
96. Uturn BD
97. Rainbow Network BD
98. Cinema City
99. Desh Online BD
100. Asian Network BD

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FTP Movie Server BD List 10.16.1oo.244

  • Circle FTP Server
  • Sam Online FTP BD
  • Net@Home
  • MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server
  • JDIX
  • BongoBD Content on Demand
  • CrazyCTG FTP server
  • MYbdplex
  • Roar Media
  • ShowTimeBD
  • Elaach FTPBD Server
  • TajpataTV Server
  • TajpataTV Server
  • Kurigram
  • AntHouseBD
  • DhakaFTP
  • FtpBD

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Today’s post What is an FTP server? How it works, why to use it. Tried to discuss advantages and disadvantages. I hope I was able to understand you a little bit.


Hope – today’s article and this helpful content will be very useful for you. And for that you can follow my website on google news, like Facebook page, join group, and follow me on Instagram to contact me. All links are available here. So I am ending today’s article here for you. If you want to get articles like this, then comment.

Thanks stay well……

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