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How to screenshot on Google Chrome 2022 (with Pictures)
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How to screenshot on Google Chrome: I will show you how you can easily take screenshot on Google Chrome. We will know about it in a few steps, among them 5 steps will be the means to take screenshot on Google Chrome.

So let’s find out the way to take screenshots in Google Chrome.
We all have to take screenshots of different websites from time to time for different tasks. Specially important for those who write or outsource blogs.

And to take a small screenshot, you have to open Photoshop. So today I will show you how to take screenshots of any web page without the help of Photoshop or any other software through Google order.
You must use the “Google Chrome” browser to use the method I will show you. This method will not work with Firefox or Opera.


How to screenshot on Google Chrome 2022
1. First open the Chrome browser.
2. Click here or the link below.
And Screen Capture (by Google) Install this extension.

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Click Now – Google chrome Screenshot Extention
3. Now you click on the “Add to chrome” button.
After going to the above address, click on the “Add to chrome” button.

4. Now you look at the address bar above.
Once installed you will see a new icon on the right side of your address bar.


How to screenshot on Google Chrome

There are 4 ways to take screenshots in this method. To take a screenshot, first take a screenshot of that page. Open that page. Then click on the new icon added to the right of the address bar. Now you will have 4 options.
1. Select the first option (Capture Page Region).
If you only want to take a screenshot without the web page i.e. browser or Windows background then select the first option (Capture Page Region).

2. Now select (Capture Visible Content).
If you want to take as many screenshots as the webpage shows on the screen, then select the 2nd option (Capture Visible Content).


3. You select (Capture Whole Page).
If you want to take the whole open page as a screenshot. Then select the 3rd option (Capture Whole Page).

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4. Select where you want to take a screenshot.
Select the 4th option to take a screenshot of any part of what is displayed on the monitor.

After selecting the option you need from the above 4 options. If you select the 1st or 4th option, you will see a quadrilateral on the screen.

He took the mouse pointer to any corner of the quadrilateral. It will be like an arrow, in this case drag and select the part you need and click the (Ok) button.

You can cancel at any time if you want. For that, click on the (Cancel) button on the left side of the (Ok) button.

Adding text or highlighting any Screenshot

After selecting how many screenshots to take, the selected part will open in a new tab. There you can highlight any part with color or border and add any text.

How To Save Screenshot on PC

You must save it after taking the screenshot. Otherwise what you have done for so long is completely in vain.

A new tab will open to add text to save or to highlight a part. Click on the Save button at the very top right. In the pop-up that will open, just save the folder and name.

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