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How Much Ratio Of Plagiarism In Dissertation Is Allowed In The UK?

Plagiarism In Dissertation

Students practice dissertation writing at a higher educational level. At different levels of education, you have to ensure different requirements as per the policies of the university. Many students ask about the formula that can guide well about the allowable plagiarism in a dissertation. As a student, you may also be in search of the same formula. Every institute discourages the practice of plagiarism. There are many brilliant students who come up with zero percentage of plagiarism. Zero is the minimal number that can be observed for a dissertation, but you are not bound to ensure 0% at any cost. If you are worried about the allowable Goodyear Tyres percentage of plagiarism in the dissertation, this article answers your question. As per the most frequently asked question related to plagiarism, this article aims to discuss the allowable ratio of plagiarism in a dissertation.

  1. How Much Plagiarism is Acceptable for a Dissertation?

It is difficult to find a standard rule for checking plagiarism in a dissertation. In the UK, you can find so many reputable universities. It is not necessary for all universities to follow one standard for plagiarism. Every university in the UK has its own manuscript. On average, the acceptable plagiarism in a dissertation is around 15%. The 15% plagiarism is justified because of the use of technical terms and literature review. Also, you may have to use some quotations that cannot be changed. All these things become the cause behind the acceptability of plagiarism. In the UK, you can also find universities that allow plagiarism up to 25%. So, in your case, it is better to ask the administration of your university. In this way, you can save yourself from so many unpleasant circumstances at the end of a task. You can also hire a dissertation proofreading service to minimize the plagiarism ratio.

  • What happens if you plagiarise in your Dissertation?
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Before discussing the results of plagiarism, it is better to have clear information about plagiarism. There are different types of plagiarism, and many students are unaware of their types. That is why they do not take care of relevant aspects, and in the end, they have to face challenges. Plagiarism is an activity of using someone’s idea without giving credit to the original writer. The act of plagiarism is illegal if you do not add a proper reference. The different types of plagiarism demand different actions.

In some cases, you may have to face legal action, while another one may ask you for a penalty. Any legal action against you can mark a question mark on your credibility. For example, legal action is allowed in the case of complete plagiarism

On the other hand, source-based and direct plagiarism is a bad practice, but legal action is not allowed it. So, plagiarism in a dissertation is unethical with some terms and conditions. It is very effective to read the content of other researchers and use that data as evidence for your claim. You just need to ensure that you are not representing that data as the original. Use data from other researchers and provide support to your claim, but do not forget to cite it. In this way, other researchers get the right credit and feel motivated to further research studies.

  • What are the Ways to Remove Plagiarism in a Dissertation?
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In the UK, less plagiarism in dissertations presents it as effective work. If you are writing a dissertation for the first time, it is obvious to make a mistake. So, there is no need to get worried about it. A dissertation is not an essay assignment in which you can get the best and perfect results at once. In this, making mistakes helps you learn more and end up with something productive.

Plagiarism is not a big deal, as you can better deal with this issue by working on a way to remove plagiarism from a dissertation. There are so many ways to remove plagiarism, but the following are the most frequently used and effective ways:

  • Citation

If you understand the definition of plagiarism, it refers to un-cited content. As a credible writer, you must follow the standards of academic writing. With proper citation, you can present an idea in a better way. Some researchers add references at the end of a dissertation but do not add an in-text citation. This action causes big hustle at the end of a dissertation. In this way, the rate of plagiarism increases to a great extent because of no distinction between original and searched material. You can avoid plagiarism with proper in-text citations and a list of references.

  • Paraphrasing
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In a dissertation, there is a complete chapter in which you have to address the work done by other researchers in the same field. This is the second chapter with the name of the literature review. In this chapter, you have to collect information relevant to the research problem of your study. Although you are supposed to collect data from other researchers, it does not mean you can paste everything as it is. When you find some data relevant, understand its core purpose and address it in your dissertation after paraphrasing.

  • Use Online Tool

Most of the researchers do not intend to copy someone’s data and add plagiarism to the dissertation. If you do not have any intention to add plagiarism, it does not mean there would not be any copied material. In order to reduce the level of risk, you should go for use of online plagiarism-checking tools. It includes Dupli Checker, Copyleads, Turnitin, and many more tools. In the universities of the UK, you can ask departmental staff to check for plagiarism in the dissertation for you. These online tools scan the whole dissertation and highlight plagiarised sections.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned points can help you find plagiarism in a dissertation. Also, you can reduce plagiarism by following productive techniques. In the UK, all universities are highly reputable and demand high writing standards with the least plagiarism. In order for online tires to meet these standards, you can choose different ways of removing plagiarism, as mentioned above.

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