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How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube

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How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube

Today I will teach you how much money you can earn on YouTube, I hope today’s discussion on how much money you can earn on YouTube, you are showing some interest in the topic. So let’s start with today’s main topic.

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube: We need to know how much money you can make on YouTube every day, because if we publish videos on YouTube for income purposes, and make some money from it, that’s bad. And so we know how many views the YouTube authorities are giving us the opportunity to earn.

Usually we know that the income of YouTube is very low, because even though you have a good view on YouTube and from that we can guess that you are getting a lot of money or the opportunity to earn a lot. Because we can calculate, if you publish a video, if you get 1000 views from there, then your earnings on YouTube is usually 0.1 taka.


However, the rate of payment of an advertiser varies, usually $ 0 per view. 00 to $ 0.30, but an average of  0.06 per view, YouTube channels can receive 18 18 per 1000 ad views. That’s $ 3 – 5 for 1000 video views. So you are able to understand how much money you can earn from how many views from YouTube. And here I would like to say something from my own experience:

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube And How To Make Money On Your YouTube Channel

1. As a click-byte as this title is, it is not a click bot article. My plan needs to be as transparent as possible to show you how valuable it is (or little) to create content on YouTube if you keep trying and how you can optimize potential revenue opportunities.

2. There is nothing to buy here. There are no punch lines or calls for action at the end. I’m not selling any products. I have multiple sources of income (modest) from the businesses I build, including my work as an active writer, director and producer at my video production company; Brand and commercial work for clients; My YouTube channel, and much more. If you think it has value, feel free to borrow a page from my playbook.

3. It is not reliable on my net worth. I’m a regular person, living quite regularly in the competitive business landscape of the suburban Southern California suburbs. I don’t have matching pairs with Lamborghini in my garage, I don’t have any fine embroidery on my shirt or other clothing, I don’t have any girls in bikinis dancing around in a pool, and I’m not taking an outdoor vacation on a private jet.

Also, why publish it now? Between world flow and rise; Unemployment rates are at an all-time high compared to the Great Depression, in fact double digits are even worse The short answer is because with these two years ago, everything seemed clear with Decade-Plus, when I was so frustrated and anxious for my fragile new venture as an independent start. I was scared. However, despite the disagreements against me (and many others who have had success), in my experience the greatest opportunities can be found (if we have the courage to find them) from the ashes of failure and in the most difficult times.during

I can trace most of my (limited) success with generosity, humility and perseverance – emphasizing the latter. If you haven’t heard yet: There’s no Prince Charming in this story. There are no rescue boats. No one is coming to save you. It is up to you to save yourself. Maybe your special skills and IPT can be a valuable thing to use as a side rope through YouTube. At least that’s the way I see it.

In 2007 I put a big job in a big Hollywood studio to pursue my dream of creating my own company. Arguably, I started from scratch at the worst time in history, although 2020 could be unbeaten in history books. I have given my blood, sweat and tears for the last decade “kicked in the sand in my face” and now I am achieving success. However the rent is still for every day. I love what I do and I am grateful to be able to do it.

4. I’m not a YouTube “guru” and the thought of earning a self-proclaimed title wants to inspire me. I am a platform student with some level of skill working in the space with brand clients. I am probably a lot like you – or similar to four other people who are married with four children and trying to turn my own business into a place where I have more financial freedom.

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Now that this path of ours has gone out, let’s get into it.

I am not the first person to record this kind of case study. I can think of a few more YouTubers who made videos like this: Remember David Dobrik, Mr. Beast and Graham Stephen. However I am very different from these guys in many ways and my channel is between .01 and 10 percent in size. I thought it would be interesting and probably worthwhile, especially for those who are thinking about starting a million or more millions of subscribers instead of decades, with millions of customers who have a “business” channel.

Whether you’re serious about starting something new, expanding your existing YouTube channel, or being passionate about what’s possible, I’m going to share the secrets of what I’ve learned over the years. Remember, just like any type of professional advice, your mileage can vary. That said, these tips have been personally tried and tested as well as documented by YouTube Corporate and other experts.

So what is your guess? How much do you think YouTube paid me with 1 million plus views? But wait! Before you figure out any numbers, subtract 40 percent from the account to split the revenue with YouTube. Google also has to pay a lot of price! Now, what is your best guess about a paycheck for a video that went viral?

Side note: As annoyingly over-patronizing as the term “influential”, an advantage or li
ft of vanity metrics (like viral video) is that you may be able to use this social proof to work more with brands and media. For those who have a real impact, this could be a greater opportunity for monetization but I will save this topic for a separate article.

The moment you were waiting for … then below are some explanations and details:

You’re looking at the dashboard view (graphic below) at the back of my YouTube Channel Analytics page. After earning an estimated 60/40 income with YouTube, the estimated income is the amount of households I received (60 percent of the money received).

Yes, you read that right. By the time you look at this article, I have probably paid more than $ 20,000 (net) with an average of .6 18.61 cpm. In other words, this video grossed about, 32,307 in total advertising revenue. I got 19 19,453.75 to date and YouTube got $ 12,853. And this video continues to collect views and make money during my sleep. Permanent. I’m very happy with the results, but they didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I found this video was basically dead for 12 months until I resurrected it with a few key adjustments on the back end.

Where high (s) CPMs are located. Assuming you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watches frequently, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program and start monetizing your videos. Once you turn the switch, you’ll find rich (including CTR for click-through rate), engagement and watch time (an important metric that shows how much time you spend watching each video), listeners (on what device and from where) and much more. Watching.

In the Revenue tab you will see CPM (cost per mille) or “cost per thousand”, which is a metric commonly used in advertising. This is basically the price that an advertiser pays for 1000 ads to run on YouTube. YouTube recently introduced a metric called RPM (Revenue Per Thousand) which is a more accurate measure of true net metrics after revenue sharing.

“RPM is a general metric that compares your total revenue to your views by multiplying all your revenue (including ads, YouTube premium, channel membership and super chat and super stickers) reported on YouTube Analytics by 1000 and then dividing it. Total visits in the same period.

Look closer to the timeline. When I first uploaded this video episode with author Mel Robbins in May 2018, I knew it was great, but it actually flopped steadily. No one saw it and I was really disappointed. To make matters worse, I was also sweating under performances as I asked my sponsoring partner AKA Hotel Residences for the grace to film their Beverly Hills penthouse suite in exchange for a shout out in the video description.

No philosophy was really bad news, so I told each other to be patient and have faith with me. I checked the analyzes to try to find the cause of the failure but found nothing unusual or telling. All I can do is start the experimental series.

The first thing I saw were the sections. If you have a YouTube channel, upload your channel / settings / defaults / advanced settings and you will see a drop-down menu to choose one of 15 sections for your video.

This list was not intuitive to me. At first, I didn’t think too much about it and kept going with the default people and blogs because I didn’t know anything better than that. Surprisingly, there is no substitute for business videos on YouTube, which best describes my channel. After a few months of no improvement and desperate for results, I decided to change things up and switch the video episode of Mail to Entertainment. This seemed logical since my idea was that my videos were lightly entertaining and that I called them a “show” and a “web series”.

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What happened next was unexpected:

What I believe after making the change (again) is that I further confused the YouTube algorithm. Looks like I was thrown into the deep end of entertainment with huge channels, huge competition and even CPM down. Twelve months have passed since I first uploaded the original video and the statistics are going from bad to worse.

The screenshot above comes from Mr. Beast’s channel with about 40 million subscribers taken from Social Blade. SB is a website that “gives all users access to a universal database that uses advanced technology to provide you with global analysis for any content creator, live streamer or brand.”

Side note: Social Blade currently has a brand B-grade on the back of my channel. I guess based on the fact that there is a lot of room for improvement it is fair.

In my observation, entertainment channels get higher views but CPMs are usually between $ 2 and $ 4. From my previous career experience in client side brand marketing, it makes sense. Advertisers are willing to provide higher CPM for higher quality and richer audiences.

My guess is that the original population of Mr. Beast is between 10 and 22 years old. Although this group probably used more content, it has much lower disposable income (and value to advertisers) than my business professionals. Mr. Beast’s videos are adolescent and general, but entertaining, with fun and fun social experiments. Her videos earn less per view but regularly collect every million views. Continuous uploads every week allow him to make a lot of cash and my prediction is that Mr. Beast will become the first YouTube billionaire. Jimmy on the way!


CPMs continue to improve when I change my video category (education).


The screenshot above has been from the last seven days of the Mel Robbins video and you can see that the CPM has almost increased. $ 18 to about $ 34. The progress I first saw with Mail in 2019 encouraged me to change all 600-plus videos on my channel to the education section. This is responsible for a 10x increase in overall channel revenue. My videos have received less views than the big channels, but I’ve noticed that pre-roll ads are starting to attract better brands like Mercedes Benz and Turbo Tax, and my CPMs have gone up to $ 15- $ 40.

I’ve been working on Mail’s videos and a few hundred others with a focus on titles, tags, thumbnails and descriptions to make sure the algorithm understands my content and serves the best audience.
Over the past few years I’ve been working with a few major brands and a few celebrity clients to increase their audience on YouTube. Here’s an instant of what I’ve done for Kevin O’Leary’s channel.

Without sharing too much, I can tell you that Kevin’s channel was completely dead when I started it in June last year. From To 8 years ago he had a few thousand subs with old videos that looked completely old and gathered young.

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If you know Kevin from ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank, you know he’s ruthless and loves money. I was shocked to learn that Kevin did not monetize his channel. It was time to reboot the total.

We worked for him and set everything up. We created a series based on his niche and started creating original video content that his listeners wanted in the video.

Here’s part of my strategy: Since Kevin (a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful) is known as the king of the long-running royalty deal without feeling on TV, we decided to show people on YouTube the other side of Kevin. For example, did you know Kevin is a foodie and classically trained chef? He is a rare-watch conversationalist, fashionista, guitar collector and musician who writes and plays music and he is clearly very knowledgeable about business and finance.

Today’s Must Reads: Open-plan offices are back because of lazy bosses

Note: This is not an ad for Kevin’s channel and I am not being compensated in any way for writing for him. I’m sharing my strategy so you can take a page from my playbook and probably use this model for yourself. You don’t have to be as rich and famous as Kevin to do well on YouTube.

In my experience, I’m looking for five things:

Do you have deep domain knowledge in any particular niche? In other words, do you know things that most people don’t know? Are you an expert? If so, it is a valuable IP (intellectual property). The problem with most people is that their IPs are stuck in their brains and they don’t know how to express, share and monetize. YouTube is a great place for this.

Do you want to have a camera as a creator? Voiceover can work with animation or whatever, but I’ve had the most success with creators who are personal and connect with their audience. That means you have to show your face. If you can’t do this, you should consider an audio podcast instead.

Do you have charisma and credibility? It’s self-descriptive, but don’t worry if you’re not natural on camera. These are skills that you can learn to practice and improve.Do you have patience Kevin’s channel started with a slow roll over six months until it popped and got 250,000 subscribers. Your channel may take longer. If you know content is tough, stay tuned.Do you want to collaborate with others? We collaborated and I put Kevin together with YouTube icon MKBHD and actor Mike Roy, writing the name of a couple who helped cross-promote his channel and bring in new customers.

Some resources I use ..
To help with video titles, keywords, analysis, competitor tracking, etc.: TubeBuddy, BDQ.

  • To create better thumbnails:
  • Free Icons: and
  • Free stock photos:,
  • Remove background from image:
  • Remove background from videos:
  • Royalty Free Music: Premium Beats Better
  • Title / Title: Headline-analyzer
  • Competitive Analysis: Social Blade, Social Blue Book
  • Compile images for faster website loading:

So far so good! What else do you want to know? Give me a comment and I’ll consider posting a follow-up or writing about a new topic. I wish you much success and encourage you to consider starting a YouTube channel. In my experience the opportunities are huge and the possibilities are endless.

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