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Top 10 High Cpc Keyword In Bangladesh 2023 (with pictures)

Top 10 High Cpc Keyword In Bangladesh 2022 (with pictures)
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Top 10 High Cpc Keyword In Bangladesh : Those of us who are reading this article are somehow associated with Google AdSense and trying to make some money from ads platform. Our income depends a lot on CPC (cost per click). The higher the CPC rate, the higher the income, but in our country the CPC rate is very low.

Those who have YouTube monetization on their channel will understand this
That their income is less but those who work with the website earn a little more from YouTube than Bangladesh

We face this problem because our poorer countries and advertising companies pay less, which means lower CPC rates.

However, today we will try to talk about some of the high CPC rate keywords in Bangladesh out of these low CPC rates. Thus, a CPC rate of advertising companies in Bangladesh is $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 USD. In other words, if your luck is between 1 cent to 3 cents, you can get 4 or 5 cents.

But today I will try to tell you about some high CPC keywords. If you work with it, you will get fairly good CPC rate in Bangladesh. Bangladesh.

So let’s find out the keywords..

Top 10 High CpC Keywords in Bangladesh 2023

Top 10 High Cpc Keyword In Bangladesh 2022 (with pictures)

Top 10 High Cpc Keyword In Bangladesh 2022 (with pictures)

1. Insurance – High Cpc Keyword

Insurance CPC Rate 6 in Bangladesh Very few people in Bangladesh work with this keyword because the amount of search for this keyword is a little less.

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But this keyword is very expensive and in demand. If you work with this keyword from Bangladesh you will get a good amount of CPC rate

If you work with insurance from Bangladesh then you will get CPC rate on Youtube about $ 0.04 USD – $ 0.10 USD. Many times you can get more than $ 0.15 USD and if you work with this keyword on the website or blogger you will get 1.5 to 2 times higher CPC rate even if you reduce it from Youtube.

2. Debt or Loans High Cpc Keyword

Loan CPC Rate in Bangladesh 1 Loan companies in Bangladesh have good CPC Rate 6 They run a good amount of advertising and the advertising price is quite good.

Live with 6 About 3 0.03 USD – C 0.08 USD CPC Rate Available on Youtube Loan Keywords from Bangladesh. And websites or bloggers If you work with this keyword, you will get 2 times higher CPC rate from Youtube, though lower.


3. Gas / electricity – High Cpc Keyword

Bangladesh Gas and Electricity cpc Bangladesh Gas companies now advertise to increase their popularity and market and all these advertisements are for the stars.

They are spending a lot of money on keywords so you can work with keywords if you wish. The same thing applies to electricity or electricity keywords.

Gas / electricity keywords are available on YouTube from Bangladesh at CPC rates ranging from around $ 0.04 USD – $ 0.10 USD. And websites or bloggers
If you work with this keyword, you can easily get a CPC rate above $ 0.10 USD.

4. Treatment – High Cpc Keyword

Medical Cpc Rate 1 in Bangladesh Medical Emergency is an Emergency At present, various hospitals and pharmaceutical companies provide a lot of advertisements for their marketing.

However, you will find these advertisements only in the health department. The amount of searches in this section has multiplied. That means you will get good amount of traffic with good CPC rate

By working with this keyword, you get a CPC rate of over 8 0.08 USD from Bangladesh. But a lot of the time it can go down and go up a lot. Everything will depend on the market.

5. Lawyer – High Cpc Keyword

Lawyer CPC rate in Bangladesh At present the work of lawyers in our country has increased a lot. At present many lawyers are giving ads with their job descriptions and all these advertisements are very expensive.

If you work on this keyboard from Bangladesh, you will get CPC rate above. $ 0.07 USD. And if you do this on the website, you will get a high CPC rate

6. Software

Software CPC Rate in Bangladesh Currently this keyword is very popular in Bangladesh and there is a demand for a keyword because of its huge search volume and the huge number of software companies that have been created in Bangladesh, they have a lot of ads and they have a price. Good if you work with mobile software or computer software

If you work with software keywords from Bangladesh, you will get CPC rate up to $ 0.03 USD – US 0.25 USD. And because of its high traffic, this section is one of my favorite 6

7. Classes

Class CPC rate in Bangladesh Nowadays online class has become a necessity for us. There are many online class companies who advertise a lot to market their software.

A lot of times people take online classes to learn something and they will be the target of all those organizations. This keyword is now getting a lot of ads from Bangladesh.

For example: – Google Meet Classroom is a keyword in Bangladesh with an amazing CPC rate – $ 0.16 USD – $ 1,000 USD which is really incredible.


8. Degrees – High Cpc Keywords

In the current context of degree CPC rate study in Bangladesh, that is, one degree is a very necessary subject for qualification verification and job requirements for all these degrees are immense.

Masters, llb, bsc Nursing, Juris Doctor, again many do MBA online. Also, there are many more degrees in Bangladesh. In other words, if you work with this keyword, you will get a good amount of traffic and a good amount of CPC.

For example –
The CPC rate of Quantic MBA from Bangladesh is $ 1.98 USD – 00 6.00 USD per click.

9. Trading – High Cpc Keywords

Trading CPC rate in Bangladesh Trading in the online market of Bangladesh is slowly increasing and many people are living their lives through it.

Trading here increases the value of money but it is still very rare in Bangladesh due to which there is less competition. , If you work with this trading, your earnings i.e. CPC rate will be above $ 0.8 USD which is not less than Bangladesh.

Some of these high CPC keywords: –

Forex Trading 0.14 USD – $ 62.68 USD

10. Hosting – High Cpc Keywords

Hosting CPC Rate in Bangladesh The demand for domain hosting in Bangladesh is increasing day by day which is why many large domain hosting providers place a lot of advertisements for their marketing. And all of this falls into the category of digital products…

That is, if you: –

You can work with keywords like Hosting, Hosting, VPS, Web Hosting, Gaddy Domain, Blue Hosting, Hostgator Domain, Free VPS Windows.

CPC rate from Bangladesh will also be $ 0.06 USD – $ 1.00 USD per click if you get from Bangladesh then your income will not be less in BDT…

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