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Guntree login or SignUp, Marketplace and Advertisement on Guntree 2023

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Guntree login or SignUp,  Advertisement on Guntree 2023: Today we will learn how to create an account on Guntree, and how to login and sign up on the Guntree website. And today I will discuss all these issues.

So friends let’s get started. But friends do not have a little idea. Guntree is what it is, Guntree is a British based online classified ad and trusted to buy anything. And here’s how you advertise. It will be shown.

Please be patient and respond to today’s article, then you will be able to know all the unknown things. It will be shown very easily here. So you notice a little notice. So let’s get started.

About of Guntree?, also known as Guntree, is a British-based online classified ad and community website located at Hotham House, Richmond, London. Classified ads are either free or paid, depending on the product category and the geographic market.

As of November 2010, it was the UK’s largest website for local community rankings and was one of the top 30 websites in the UK in 2010 with 14.8 million monthly unique visitors, according to a traffic audit.



Guntree was founded in March 2000 by Michael Pennington and Simon Crockle as a local London classified advertising and community site, designed to connect Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who are either planning to relocate, or have just arrived in town and need help. Was.

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Accommodation, employment and meeting new people. The term ‘guntree’, a common Australian phrase for the eucalyptus tree in general, was chosen as a term that connected the three communities (although the gum tree found in South Africa is an introductory species, where the gumtree is found locally in Australia and New Zealand. The founders also think it reflects the roots and branches of a real community.

In May 2005, Guntree was acquired by eBay’s classified group for an undisclosed amount; However, eBay has revealed that it has jointly paid $ 81.6 million for three classified sites:

Guntree, LoQUo and opusforum (Guntree is the largest). Gumtree was found in several cities in the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Canada, Australia (Guntree Australia), Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong at the time of the acquisition.

On January 7, 2016, Gumtree’s re-branding, along with the updated logo, was published on their website and related app.

Guntree SignUP

You need to follow a few steps to open a Guntree account or sign up. And look at that below-

Guntree login or SignUp

Guntree login or SignUp

1. Step: First you enter the website.

  • To sign up for Guntree you must first access the original website.

2. Step: Then you click on the “Menu” option in the top corner and then click on the “Login / Register” option.

  • You will see in the top corner after you enter the website to open the account, click on Register option.
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3. Step: Enter Username, Email, and Password and click Next button.

  • After you click on the register option you will see a popup, and in that popup option you put your username in the username box. Enter the email in place of the email, and enter the password and click the Next button.

4. Step: Then you confirm with the email confirmation link.

  • A confirmation link will be sent to your email, then you confirm the link in the email. Then your account will be active.

Now the work of signing up your account Guntree has been completed successfully.

Guntree Login

How to login Guntree, this process is very straightforward. Now that your account has been created, how do you become a Guntree Login? For this you have to follow two processes.

1. You first enter the website. And click on the login button in the top corner. Then the login page will appear in front of you.
2. You enter the email number in place of the email then enter your password, then you click on the login button.

Your account has been logged Guntree. This was a very simple process.

Guntree Marketplace

Australia’s FREE Marketplace to buy in your local area! Find cars, furniture, electronics, jobs, real estate & more for sale across Australia. Guntree allows you to order any product for free. Guntree is a huge marketplace, and this huge marketplace is there. You can buy and sell whatever you want here. So you can sell anything in this market place. You will not find this opportunity on any other website.

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Guntree Advertisement

You can list any type of product on the Guntree official site, and you can sell your product here. For this you will first enter the Guntree website here. Then you click on the “Post” option, list your product and sell your product below.

If you want to sell your product on Guntree website, you have to get listed first, and for that you have to login to this website. And here I have shown above how to login. Take a look.

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