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Grass Cutting Machine Mistakes Will Rut Your Lawn

Grass Cutting Machine

Are you making common Grass Cutting Machine mistakes that could cause damage to your lawn?

Even if your lawn has been mowed for many years, some areas may need improvement. However, a few technique changes can help you get your property to the perfect level.

We share some Grass Cutting Machine tips to help you transform your lawn into the green carpet of dreams.

Grass Cutting Machine Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mowing Too Many Times

Many mow their lawns once a week when they have the most time. The frequency of mowing should be determined by how fast the grass grows. This can vary depending on the weather conditions, turf type, health, and other factors.

There are many benefits to allowing your lawn grass to grow a bit taller.

By shading or out-competing weeds, taller grasses can be more effective at smothering them.
Water evaporation is reduced when the grass blades are longer, so irrigation water flows further.
Your mower should be set higher to reduce the possibility of “scalping” or over-mowing grass areas.

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Mowing Way Too Much Is Not Enough

However, you should still mow your lawn as soon as the grass starts to grow in the warmer months. It is a good idea to cut so your grass grows to a third of its height. This will keep your grass healthy and make mowing much easier.

A shaggy lawn can be compensated for by over-mowing. This means excessive clippings and too-short grass. We recommend that grass clippings be left on the property for nutrients as they decompose. However, it would be best if you did not leave large clumps of grass or thick layers. Mulch clippings that are too long can block sunlight from reaching grass below it and cause yellow patches. This can encourage people to use more fertilizer.

Cutting Grass Is Too Short

Cutting grass too short or over-mowing can cause turf to dry faster and may result in bald patches where too much grass has been cut. You can allow weeds to grow in grass areas that aren’t mowed. Seeding to fill these areas will require you to trim your grass (or at least not let it sit on your lap) until it grows in.

Mowing Wet Grass

Do not mow lawns wet from rain, dew, or irrigation.

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Wet grass blades will be heavier and more difficult to trim. This means that you won’t be able to get a neat, even cut, and taller grasses will grow up after the grass dries.
Your mower may also tear the grass blades rather than neatly cut them. This can cause more visible damage to the grass blades.
Mulch grass clippings not evenly distributed over your lawn will cause fungus growth.
Dry lawns and a sharp mower blade will ensure the best cut and even distribution of mulched trimmings.

Mowing With Dull Mower Blades

Keep your mower blades sharp. A sharp knife will do a better job and save you time.

A dull mower can damage, pull, or shred grass blades rather than cut them neatly. This causes grass blade damage to be more irregular and larger than usual, leading to missed areas that you need to re-mow.
A dull mower blade may have caused a brown or white cast to your lawn’s surface.

This includes oiling and cleaning your mower to ensure it runs efficiently. You will also save time (no need for a second pass when mowing) and money (because your mower will last much longer).

Remember to clean your mower before storing it in winter storage. Then, instead of yelling at your mowers or visiting a repair shop, you can start spring lawn care by tuning your mower.

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Always move in the same direction.

You may tend to mow your lawn the same way every time. Consider changing your direction. You can change the advice of your mower for many reasons.

This will prevent ruts. Repeatedly running your mower in the same spot will cause ruts and strengthen irregular slopes in your soil. Also, mower wheels will wear less frequently in the same area.

This will increase the airflow. In addition, you can move your mower’s location so that you don’t compact the same lawn areas. This reduces soil compaction. Compacted soil repels water and can reduce root growth.

Flattening your grass will be more challenging

However, you can make your grass more likely to grow in one direction if you cut the grass in the same direction. Regular direction changes can keep your Grass Cutter Machine blades straight and make your lawn look neat.

You will look like a professional. You’ll look like a pro when you have stripes on your baseball fields. You can also mow checkerboards or lines on your lawn if you have enough.

Unfortunately, smaller lawns cut with a push mower will not be able to have as much fun with patterning but will still get the same benefits.

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