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GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2022 Only 26 Taka

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2022
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GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code: Friends Today I am here to Talk about Grameenphone/ gp SMS offer. Which will fulfill your phone’s GP SMS needs. More GP SMS at low cost.

What can I tell you about GP SIM? But friends, if you want to load new offers, then you can know by sending a message to our business WhatsApp.

Because it will give you new MB or minutes, or SMS, all these will be applicable for GP SIM, Robi SIM, Banglalink SIM and Airtel SIM.

So try to know the validity and offers before buying GP SMS, MB, and minutes.

Then we will cooperate with all the information. Our offer is for a limited time only. You won’t get the offer if you try after a day.

For this we will talk about the offer whenever. Then load it. And we will make an offer.

So friends let’s talk about GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code. Or we will know. Here is GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code,

Below which we will add either picture. You can download it. Or provide the table.

But take a look at today’s post. Because GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code will be useful for you. Sending SMS to friends can be very necessary. Or for office work.

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So friends let’s know about GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code today.

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2022

If you want to activate this offer GP 500 SMS 30 days. Then you have entered the right website. Because we will show it very simply here. For this the right website is called. Then see below.

Packages Total Price USSD Code Validity
25 SMS Tk. 2 *121*1015*2# 3 day
100 SMS Tk. 5 *111*10*06# 3 day
100 SMS (GP-GP) Tk. 7 *121*1015*1# 4 day
50 SMS Tk. 7 “S3” Type to send 8426 1 day
200SMS Tk. 11 Click Flexi Plan 30 day
500 SMS Tk. 26 Click Flexi Plan 30 day

How do you check GP SMS?

First of all you need to enter Google Play Store to check GP SMS. And download the My GP app. And then sign with the number. You can easily see it here.

And if Android phone is not nearby, you can check your GP SMS by using few codes. That is: *121*1*2#; *566*2#; *566*18#. Use this code. And check the balance of SMS.


How do you buy GP SMS?

If you have My GP Apps installed on Android, you can do it easily. And if it is not installed, then you can enter the Google Play Store and download the app called My GP. Then you can purchase it for GP 500 SMS 30 Days.

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And if you see that you don’t have an Android phone, a normal mobile phone, you are having trouble getting the help of apps.

Then you can enjoy this offer GP 500 SMS 30 Days by entering the code. Follow the code for that.

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code:
To activate 500 SMS for a period of 30 days, first dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # in your mobile dial option; * 566 * 2 #; *566 * 18#.

How to Buy GP sms on Flexiplan?

Now we will know how to upgrade GP SMS plan at will with flexiplan. And the amount of money will depend on how many SMS you take.

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code

  • First you login to Flexiplan Apps.
  • Then you zero the internet volume.
  • Zero the minute volume.
  • Zero the scope volume.
  • Then click on GP SMS 500.
  • Replace the term with 30 days.
  • View Now Price 26 Tk Only Click on Buy Now.
  • After that you click on recharge and activate.
  • This is your purchase of GP 500 SMS.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Any Grameen Phone prepaid and postpaid users can purchase these offers. However, Skito users are not covered by this offer.
  • SMS packs can be purchased using USSD code or Flexiplan.
  • SMS can be sent to any mobile operator in the country.
  • A user can buy SMS pack many times.
  • Includes (SD), VAT


GP Minute Offers 2022: All Grameenphone Minute Packs Code

Here we have put all the GP minute offers in a single table. Now you will be able to find out your desired package easily within a minute.

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You will get all the basic information about every single GP minute offer individually with the data of duration, price, validity and most importantly the activation code.

Hope you will enjoy this mode of information.

  • 6 Taka 6 hours *121*4024# 23 Minutes
  • 14 Taka16 Hours*121*4001# 40 Minutes
  • 24 Taka 24 Hours*121*4002# 70 Minutes
  • 44 Taka4 Days*121*4003# 100 Minutes
  • 53 Taka7 Days*121*4205# 125 Minutes
  • 78 Taka7 Days*121*4026# 160 Minutes
  • 99 Taka7 Days*121*4006# 200 Minutes
  • 117 Taka10 Days*121*4007# 330 Minutes
  • 199 Taka30 Days*121*4018# 400 Minutes
  • 233 Taka15 Days*121*4008# 500 Minutes
  • 288 Taka 30 Days*121*5074#

GP Minute Check Procedures

At the end of the validity period, the remaining minutes will be forfeited if you are not concerned about it.

So, checking out the remaining balance in a regular way is really important. The USSD code is almost the same for every individual minute offer.

Just dial *121*1*2# and you will get an instant notification on your screen about the remaining balance of purchased talk time.


You can purchase GP 500 SMS as per your requirement by using GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code or by using app. Which will be valid for 30 days. And only 26 taka. Stay tuned to our website to see all these offers.

Thank you.

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