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GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022 | How can I Check GP SMS?

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code

Many people do not know till now, how to get GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code, and how to use it. That’s why I came up with a new article today. We always try to write an article, thinking that it will be useful for you if you know. But here it will be special. You must not understand that.

So friends today’s article is about GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022 | How can I check GP SMS? Which many people express interest to know. And many people know how to search on Google. And that’s why this website exists. What your brain thinks about.

In present time GP SMS medium is more needed for us as a medium of internet and offline communication. Then we can live with many people. Here’s how much you’ll spend. How much money will you buy GP 1000 SMS and what is the code? All these are detailed. See below: GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022 | How can I check GP SMS?

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022

Here how you can buy 1000 sms from GP for 30 days period. It has a detailed step by step discussion. See details:

1. First You install My GP Apps from play store.

From your Android phone, first access the Play Store, then install the “My GP” app. Or you can download the My Flexiplan app.

2. Now you sign with the number.

Install the app and now verify with the number. Now you will see your account will be complete. What to do then?

3. You will see an option called Flexiplan, click on it.

You can see the Flexiplan option when you complete the setup of My GP. Then you click on it to view your offer, or buy your plan from Flexiplan. What you need to do next.

4. Now click on Zero and click on 500 for Days 30 and Buy for SMS.

Now click as you see below image. Then buy it. This way you buy twice.

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022

Now for you GP can buy 1000 SMS for 30 days for Taka.58. And that’s why you don’t have to worry much.

All of them can be done with pleasure. so Now you will see how to enjoy the offer easily by using GP 1000 SMS 30 days code. And there is a detailed discussion about how much money you will pay. See below:

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code

GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code 2022

You don’t know how to buy GP 1000 SMS for 30 days, and what code to use for that, so you are searching on Google: GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code, some people search in many ways.

In fact, the main purpose of our GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code is about this topic. Then see your GP 1000 SMS 30 Days Code.

Actually friends here GP has not provided any kind of code till now. We have figured out this method just for you. Which will be easy for you.

You can view any offers in the FlexiPlan or My GP apps. And you buy from there. Your job of buying that offer will be done.

But some codes are provided below: They will work 100% and then you can try. And with them you can do the work of GP SMS easily. Then see below:

  • GP 25 SMS Offer Activation Code: *121*1015*2#
  • GP 100 SMS Offer Activation Code: *111*10*06#
  • GP 100 SMS Offer Activation Code: *121*1015*1#
  • GP 500 SMS Offer Activation Code: *111*10*6#
  • GP 1000 SMS Offer Activation Code: *111*10*6#

How to check GP sms balance?

Now you can easily check balance of GP SMS using the code, and so what code to use is given below:

  • Balance check code: *121*1*2#

Another method you can use is: using the My GP app or using Flexiplan to purchase very easily. And you can easily check the balance. In fact, you can check as per your convenience.

How can I check GP SMS?

How to check GP SMS, you can check GP SMS very easily. And for that use this code or dial *121*1*2# then SMS will be sent to your phone, everything will be shown there. Another method you can follow is: Using My GP Apps, it will bring everything out in front of you with one click. And you can easily see.

This was very easy method that you can find How can I check GP SMS. Below are answers to some of the questions you may have. You can see them. May be important for you. There is no end to know, and there is nothing left to understand. That’s why….

How can I buy 100 GP SMS?

How you can buy 100 gp sms, first you can use the code, through which you can buy 100 gp sms. And that is:

  • GP 100 SMS Offer Activation Code: *111*10*06#
  • Or you can buy 100 GP SMS using My GP Apps. And with Flexiplan you can do this, buy 100 GP SMS.

How can I get 1 year validity in GP?

There is no such offer or any method, that you can avail 1 term of SMS or internet. But you can use this code here, *121*1*2# to know.

How can I know my GP offer?

How you can know about GP offer, and that’s why you use this code *121*1*2# to know. Or you can check the daily offers using the My GP app in the My Offers option. Applicable for GP SIM only.

Is 013 a GP number?

Yes: This serial number has been released by the telecom company Grameenphone with new serial number 013. Its name is Grameen SIM. You can definitely use it. This serial number
All offers will be Grameenphone SIM offers.

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Thanks stay well……


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