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Front End Web Developer Resume : Front End Developer Resume Sample

Front End Web Developer Resume-Front End Developer Resume Sample: No experienced coder is afraid of math and statistics. Someone who is able to implement design through a variety of programming languages. All these details can go to a good front-end developer. But is this software really professional whose work we can see literally anywhere on the internet and without whom we would not be able to enjoy our favorite websites? It comes with extensive knowledge of technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Anyone gives you (a user) the opportunity to interact directly with websites and website applications, and finally, someone who ensures that you can open and browse the site on any device or any browser and the information will still be relevant and easy to read.


Front End Web Developer Resume

1. Describe your programming skills

As you may already know, things like higher education are not as important if you want to be a computer professional. You can be a really great front-end developer without having a college degree. This is usually a determining factor in the software programs you can use and the experience you have.

Therefore, put all your relevant computer skills together and include them just behind the academic year, part of your education. Be sure to also specify the level at which you can use each. The skills section of the summary above provides a great example of how this can be done.

Examples of front-end developer coding skills

C # – Expert

C ++ – Intermediate

JavaScript – Intermediate

PHP – Intermediate

HTML – Expert

2. Include relevant keywords

Creating a grammar-correct and eye-catching work experience section is not the hardest part of creating the perfect resume. It is beating the AOS (Applicant Tracking System) and will develop a resume that will actually be searchable by headhunters and hiring managers.


Adding relevant keywords to your resume is as important as possible because that’s the main reason. You can do this by analyzing a job post in your preferred location, identifying specific words and phrases that best describe it, and then applying it to your resume. This will help you stand out from the crowd and push your livelihood to the next level.

Examples of Front End Web Developer Resume keywords

“Courtesy and enthusiastic, I’m interested in IT and everything in its orbit. Recently * front-end developer *, I’ve gained experience working in this field.”

3. Write a professional overview

You’d be surprised how many people are avoiding this step thinking it’s not necessary but the other is true. A written rewrite profile gives you a great opportunity to add what you need to offer as a potential employee. In addition to keywords, this is another way to adjust your resume to specific job descriptions.

For these reasons, creating and polishing your professional summary is a key step to getting your dream job done. This short section should be about 2-3 sentences long and is usually placed at the top of the resume page.

Front-end developer profile examples

“The results-oriented front-end developer is dedicated to creating and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich websites, from start to finish, and successfully manages a team of other software professionals.”

Front End Web Developer Resume


  • Developed and designed the UI for a database of customer health and created secure logins for blue access for members.
  • Develop and design special start assessment forms for mothers at different stages of expectation.
  • Developed code for shadowbox, slider carousel, tickers, rotation titles, validation and JS animations.
  • Maintain, develop and design Bluecross BlueShield public sites for 4 states on a regular basis with TeamSite.
  • Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jacques, Dojo, Parallel and 508 Compliance.

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Front-end Developer Volunteer Internships-Front-end Developer Resume Sample


Front-end developer volunteer interns will work primarily with web and new media coordinators, becoming members of the education and outreach departments. Volunteer intern as a member of the web and new media team will provide design and web development support for sanctuary websites. This is a great position for visionary front-end developers who like to work in a creative environment where they are always trying something new.

Prospective volunteers should be expected to work at the Silver Spring office headquarters (easily accessible on the Metro Red Line) in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. Must be a US citizen.

Main Responsibilities:

Help move web pages to new bootstrap-based templates
Edit and update websites
Develop new user-face features
National Marine Sanctuary Office (ONMS) online photo database with current and new photos to help populate and organize
Develop interfaces for 360 virtual reality photos
Assist in special projects for education and outreach department as required

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
Image editing experience
Some experience with Git and GitLab
Introducing Bootstrap, PHP, and WordPress is a plus
Plus some experience with video editing software
Understand progressive growth and curious decay
A critical eye for design and usability
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

Skills of initiative, multitasking, prioritizing and meeting deadlines

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