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Flying to London from Dubai? Know these things first

Flying to London from Dubai

Regardless you are heading towards a family vacation or looking forward to an impending business trip, the United Kingdom has a lot to offer everyone. The United Kingdom is indeed the most constantly visited place in the entire Europe from the UAE. The lush countryside, rich history, and never-ending diversity make it a compulsory place to visit.

Flying in a private jet from Dubai to London is also one of the options. The time for departure on a private plane from Dubai is based upon the availability of the arrival slots at different London Airports such as Biggin Hill Airports. Stansted, and London Luton. The flight time between Dubai and London is approximately 7 hours and 20 minutes.

The following guidelines include the very fundamental set of information you need to know about touring from the UAE to the UK.

Why Should You Visit The United Kingdom From United Arab Emirates?

The United Kingdom has a lot of options to offer to its visitors. It is no wonder it stands near the top choices for a visit. London is one of the most famous destinations to travel from the UAE. From immersing in the rich history as well as heritage, to restful walks through the beautiful countryside, you won’t be low of aspects to be seen and done.

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Enjoy A Journey Back Through England’s Magnificent Past

Different museums as well as galleries in London, and indeed, other big cities, draw a completely interesting picture of bygone eras. There are also innumerable historical sites as well as landmarks to visit, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the Natural History Museum and Hever Castle, to name just a few.

Discover Scotland And Wales

Other than going to England, Scotland and Wales are also very famous amongst visitors from the UAE. From the magnificent heights of Snowdonia to the highlands of Scotland, the beautiful landscape is truly enchanting beyond bounds.

In the context of London, one of the world’s most popular land of origin for high fashion, London is presently a destination for some world-famous designers and fashion houses, such as Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood. The one who visits here must not forget to build an absolute shopping rampage in the city’s retail heave such as Regent Street, Oxford Street and Knightsbridge.

Basic Requirements Of United Kingdom Visa For United Arab Emirates Residents

The UK visa requirements essential for UAE residents emerge under the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) system. Nevertheless, people taking flights from UAE to the UK for the purpose of marriage or civil partnership must apply for the proper visa. Below the guidelines of Electronic Visa Waiver, UAE passport holders can take a tour to the UK without a visa for a visit that’s less than the period of six months.

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Under the Electronic Visa Waiver scheme, in order to visit the UK from the UAE, the travellers are compelled to share travel details 48 hours right before their departure to the UK. The moment the details are provided, travellers can’t make any modifications to the visa form. However, if the data or travel items need a transformation, another Electronic Visa Waiver form is required to be provided.

Essentially Required documents

At the airport, you are required to reveal your identity documents. You are not required to fulfil a UK passenger locator form before you travel. This may include your national identity card, passport or visa. You are obliged to:

·       discard your sunglasses or face covering, in case you are wearing them

·       Keep your identity document ready – discard it from a holder or wallet if you are using any of it

·       Get through passport control concurrently if you’re a member of the same family

Visa requirement

As the UAE does not lie under countries capable of visa-free services upon arrival in the UK, travellers from the UAE to the UK must obligatory possess a valid visa document for entry to the UK. The type of visa you will require vary by the motive of your entry.

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Wrap Up

The United Kingdom continues to stay in the line of favourite destinations for world travellers, either for business or tourism. Emiratis desire to visit the island nation of the United Kingdom, well-known for its heavenly chapels, dreamy beaches and massive green countryside. Of course, the alternative of Private aircraft charter stands out from the crowd and lessens the cons attributed to conventional commercial aviation services running from Dubai to London.

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