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How to View Facebook Marketplace saved Items 2023 (with Screenshots)

How to View Facebook Marketplace saved Items
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Many of us do not know. For this we search on google, but we do not find our answer properly. And what I find is not written based on the public. Only our intention is to generate revenue. And for that we will discuss in detail based on our needs.

Do you know about Facebook Marketplace Saved Items? If you don’t know then you can find out here. We will discuss this very simply here. And will show through screenshot. So let’s start the discussion below.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Here we will know what Facebook Marketplace actually is? And for that we have to spend some time here and read. So you know what?

Facebook is the marketplace: We know that Amazon is a website and it basically works to buy and sell products online. And Facebook provides such a service. That’s why we call this tape Facebook Marketplace.

Hope you can easily understand this topic. And to say that: Where can I find the Facebook marketplace?

The answer is: If you log in to this option Facebook, you will see a tab with four options. And if you click on it, you will find your answer.

Now we are interested to know about facebook marketplace saved items. Do you actually want to know: facebook marketplace saved items or how to see facebook marketplace saved items? Or how to find facebook marketplace saved items?.

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You will get answers to these three questions in the following options. Which you can see below. We have tried to show here step by step.

How to View Facebook Marketplace saved Items 2023

So here you will get the answers to the above three questions. How you can view Facebook Marketplace Saved Items. This is detailed step by step.

  • 1. First we will open Facebook.

Facebook website or mobile apps are supposed to be opened here. Hope you are not having any difficulty in understanding. And later we will login. Using your own password and email.

  • 2. Then we will click on our profile icon.

How to see Facebook Marketplace saved Items 2022

If you are a mobile user, you can click on your profile icon on the top left side. And if you are a browser user then do the same.

  • 3. Now you click on “Saved” option.

Facebook Marketplace saved Items

Mobile: If you’re signed in to the Facebook app, you’ll see new options when you click the profile icon. And there you will find a “Saved” button, click on it. Then you will get.

Windows: And if you have the browser open. Then according to the picture below, if you click on the Saved icon, you will see the recent save option at the bottom. You can see it.

  • 4. This was the easy solution for you.
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Hope you got answers to these three questions above. Now you will know. How you can save Facebook Marketplace items. For that see below.

How to save Facebook Marketplace items 2023

Here’s how you can save Facebook Marketplace items to yourself. You can view it later as per your need. And that’s what you need to do. We will discuss it step by step. So let’s see below:

  • 1. First we need to login to Facebook.

We can login using Facebook apps or website first. As mobile phone users we usually use apps. And for that we will use apps. And those who are laptop and desktop users must use the website.

So we will enter the website with our email and password or We will be logged in to Facebook. Many people are always logged in to Facebook, so there is no need to worry about additional logins and passwords. Anyway, open your Facebook account.

How to View Facebook Marketplace saved Items 2022 with Screenshots

How to View Facebook Marketplace saved Items 2022 with Screenshots

Mobile: Here’s how you get to the “Marketplace” option. That is: If you are a mobile user or using apps, first click on the profile icon, you will see this option there. And click on it.

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Windows: If you are a browser user, you can easily get. That is: You can open the Facebook dashboard and click on the marketplace icon on the left hand side. And you will enter this tab.

  • 3. After you open any product, click on the Save icon.
Facebook Marketplace saved Items

How to save Facebook Marketplace items?

Mobile: Now select a product of your choice, then look at the bottom of this product, there is an icon called “Save”. Clicking on it will save your Facebook Marketplace items. This is for mobile users.

Windows: Now let’s see how to save browser users. That is: You select any product. And by clicking open it, then you will see the “Save” icon next to the “Share” button on the right side of the product. And if you click on it. Then you can also save successfully.

These were just three steps, which are discussed in detail for you. But if there is any mistake, please forgive me. And you can let us know what kind of article you want by entering the contract page.

All these issues will be discussed in detail today. you can follow my website on google news, like Facebook page, join group, and follow me on Instagram to contact me.

And if this article is of any value to you, you can definitely follow us on this site. So everyone, stay healthy. Allah is Hafez. Thank you…

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