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Broken Points of Direct Thermal Receipt Printer

A Image of Direct Thermal Receipt Printer

Computer-based Direct Thermal Receipt Printer devices follow this pattern of lower prices and increased functionality. The price of computers continues to fall, and features and functionality continue to increase. This is good for consumers. However, many consumers are not taking full advantage of the situation. The industry as a whole thrives under the cloak of obscure POS hardware, software, and systems. For the most part, business owners continue to pour money into the pockets of dealers, who continue to overcharge for repairs and spare parts, including printers.

Direct Thermal Receipt Printer Replacement

Replacing a Direct Thermal Receipt Printer is much easier and faster than repairing it. This is mainly because most retailers do not repair printers themselves. In effect, they send the printer to a repair depot for remote repairs and back. This repair process can take weeks, in the worst case, a month or more. Replacement printers are usually available from your local dealer. If not, they can get a replacement printer from the supplier within a day or two.

However, be prepared to pay full price, dealer margins are over 40%. This can easily push the cost of replacing a POS printer past the $500 mark. At least with a new replacement printer, you’ll start a new warranty period. The question is how much of a new guarantee does the dealer give you? Sorry, many sellers will exceed 1 year of the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty.

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What You Can Get Repair Direct Thermal Receipt Printer

Let’s take a look at how most people deal with a damaged printer. They will attempt to repair the printer through a local dealer. A call will be placed to the agent who will ask questions of the business owner to determine if the printer is indeed broken or if the problem is a software, cable, or power issue. Yes, there are indeed some repair calls that can be resolved by plugging the printer’s power supply into a power outlet properly. If it is determined that the printer is out of order, a technician will come to pick it up. Borrowed printers may be temporarily exchanged when repairs are complete, provided a prior agreement is made with the dealer.

Many vendors now charge a flat fee for printer repairs. They will charge this fee in addition to the cost of parts to repair the printer. Parts are charged at the full list price, which can run from $125 to $150. More than this is not usually charged because it exceeds the cost of a new printer. In general, the cost of repairing a Direct Thermal Receipt Printer should not exceed $300, since for this amount you can buy a new printer. However, repaired printers do not come with a full warranty like new printers. You may get a 30 – 90 day warranty only on repairs. This means that if the same printer fails again within 91 days, you will have to do it all over again.

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Replacing a POS Printer – What You Get If You Do It

Let’s take a look at what you can get if you’re shopping for a replacement direct thermal receipt printer online. You might be surprised at how easy it is and how much you can get for less. First, you get the same printer that you get from the dealer. You can even get the printer from the same warehouse from which the seller bought it. Second, you pay much less because you cancel the merchant’s deposit. In some cases, this percentage can exceed 40%. Finally, you get a full manufacturer warranty. For POS printers, it is usually 3 years or more.

This means that you will contact the printer manufacturer and they will direct you to the nearest warranty repair center to fix the printer and issue the invoice to the manufacturer. Want to know the really fun part of it? In many cases, you will find that your vendor is a repair center for printer warranty. Remember how they only had 1 year of a 3-year manufacturer warranty? This means that they charge customers to repair the printer, but they still get the warranty that the printer manufacturer pays for.

DIY is Easier Than You Think

Replacing a Direct Thermal Receipt Printer no longer requires certification, special training, or a college degree. A 12-year-old can do without a screwdriver. Then why can’t you? Just because you haven’t tried it. The next time you’re browsing through a point-of-sale system, take a look at Printers. There may be up to 3 cables connected to the same connector on the replacement printer. Each cable has a different connector and will only replace the same plug on your printer. No tools are required and no training is required. You cannot call an electrician to change the light bulb in a light bulb, nor should you call a technician to replace a POS printer.

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