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Codashop BD 2023 | How to Free Fire Diamond Top Up Bangladesh 2023

Codashop BD to Free Fire Diamonds
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Codashop BD | How to Free Fire Diamond Top Up Bangladesh 2023: Do you know about Free Fire Diamond Top Up Center? People who play Free Fire game typically have to be compelled to purchase varied merchandise.

Users do Free hearth Diamond Top Up to form the sport play additional realistic. Are you a Free Fire user looking to top up Free Fire Diamonds? By developing, you can easily top up Free Fire at home.

Because currently Free Fire Diamonds can be topped up using any internet based payment gateway in the country.

Today we will know how to top up free fire. You can top up this free fire diamond very easily using BKash, Rocket, Nagad etc.

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Codashop BD Free Fire Diamond

Codashop BD - How to Free Fire Diamond Top Up Bangladesh 2022

Codashop BD – How to Free Fire Diamond Top Up Bangladesh 2022


Do you wish to Top up Free Fire Diamonds? Friends of Free Fire hope everyone is well. You don’t worry about Free Fire Diamond Top up from Today only one website Codashop BD , because we all use Bkash, so we can easily top up Diamond.

So very quickly we will learn how to top up Free Fire Diamonds with very easy development.

Currently, you can easily buy Free Fire Diamond Top-up or Free Fire Diamond through any Internet-based payment system in Bangladesh. For example

  • Bkash
  • Rocket
  • Nagad
  • etc through any payment system.

Details about Free Fire Free Fire Diamond Top Up You will understand if you read this post well How to Free Fire Diamond Top up bd bkash then without wasting time understand the following steps well.

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Why do we need Diamonds for Garena Free Fire?

We all know that the most popular game nowadays is Free Fire. And in the free fire game, diamonds are needed mainly to buy the skins of all the characters and weapons in the game.

We all know that to buy Free fire diamond top up or Mastercard or Visa card is required. but most Bangladeshi gamers haven’t got master cards…

And to get Mastercard or Visa card in Bangladesh, passport is required and many of us don’t have passport.

Most of our Garena Free Fire gamers can’t make Mastercard or Visa card and can’t top up Free fire diamond because they don’t have passport. And this becomes an enormous downside for U.S.A…

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Now if any of your friends or brothers or relatives have master card or visa card then you can easily top up free fire diamond or buy diamond using that master card.

Or you can buy free fire diamonds through development if you want. Rules and details of buying diamonds through BKash.

Codashop BD Free Fire Diamond Top Up BD Bkash

Garena Free Fire By developing the diamond buying rules of the free fire game, you can easily top up or buy Free fire diamonds through development.

Free Fire Diamond Top Up Through website you can easily top up free fire game diamonds by development. will be able to pay for diamond purchases through website development.

You can be sure that your money will never be wasted on this website because it is a very trusted site for free fire diamond top up.You can trust this web site along with your eyes closed.

Just offer your game ID variety and zilch else to shop for free fireplace diamonds. Codashop is a website I trust a lot and like a lot.

This is why I have shared the website with you. If you like everything then you can use the website to buy game diamonds.

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Free Fire Diamond Top Up Center 2023

You don’t have to worry about topping up Fire Diamond. It is a very simple process. The days of worrying about free fire top ups are over. Now free fire top up is just a matter of time.

Let’s know how to top up free fire diamond and center to top up free fire diamond.

Free fire diamond top up can be paid through any means. Diamond Top Up Bangladesh. Currently you can pay for Free Fire Diamond Top Up at any time by using internet based payment gateway.

In this case, there is an opportunity to use the most used mobile banking system development, Cash Rocket and other such domestic internet based payment systems.

Having these local level payment systems has made it easier for the public to top up free fire games to top up free fire diamonds.

Already know all the payment systems that can be used to top up Free Fire Diamonds. Now let’s know why it is necessary to top up free fire and what can be done or done by this top up.

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for free fire?

People who play free fire, the popular online game of today, probably don’t need to be told why they need new diamonds. But let’s know once again why and what diamond is needed in Free Fire.

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As many of us know, Diamonds are needed in Free Fire game mainly to buy the skins of all the characters and weapons in the game. Usually Mastercard or Visa card is needed to top up Free fire diamond.

Unfortunately, Bangladeshi gamers do not have Mastercard and Visa cards in most cases, and due to the lack of Mastercard and Visa cards, even a few days ago, anyone could not top Free Fire Diamond.

Most of our Free Fire gamers couldn’t even make a MasterCard or Visa card because they didn’t have a passport.

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For which no free fire gamer could top up free fire diamond even a few days ago. But currently you can buy Free Fire Diamonds anytime you want through BKash.

Now let’s know everything about the rules of buying diamonds through BKash. Let’s know how to buy free fire diamond in detail.

Ways to Top Up Free Fire Diamonds by

Codashop BD to Free Fire Diamonds

Codashop BD to Free Fire Diamonds

Ways to buy free fire diamonds using bKash. Now we will see how to buy Free Fire Diamonds with Bkash. Codashop BD is one of the trusted website to buy free fire diamonds from where you can buy diamonds very easily. For that you need to first enter the Codashop BD website. That’s why you go to any search engine of your mobile or computer and search by writing Codashop BD.

Then click on the first search result. Or to enter directly, I will give the website link at the end of this article.

This is basically the home page of the Codashop BD website. Here you can see 4 steps next to donation. These 4 steps are basically the way to top up Free fire diamond. That is, if you complete these 4 things correctly, you can buy diamond in your gaming ID.

That’s why you need to play your game –

  1. Player ID,
  2. Select Recharge (select how many diamonds to buy)
  3. Select Payment (You have to select the payment method option)
  4. Buy (Click on Buy Now to confirm purchase)

Step 1: Enter Player ID. Set Player ID

To top up Free Fire Diamonds, you first need to enter your Player ID in the Enter Player ID option after going to the page view as shown in the image above.

Step 1 is done by entering Enter Player ID.

Step#2: Select Recharge. Confirm how many diamonds to buy

Now in the second step select the total number of diamonds you want to buy in the Select Recharge option.

Here you can buy 25 Diamonds, 50 Diamonds, 100 Diamonds, 310 Diamonds, 520 Diamonds, 1060 Diamonds, 2180 Diamonds, 5600 Diamonds at a time.

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From here select as many diamonds as you need by clicking on the diamond. Complete the second step of your diamond purchase by selecting a diamond.

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Step # 3: Select payment. Enter how to pay

Now in the third step to buy diamonds, you have to select the mode of payment.

Here automatic development is provided. If you want to pay through any other means than Bikash, write Bkash in colored ink below.

Click on Want to use a different payment method. (Cash, Rocket will be added here periodically. The work of adding is going on. You can get these services very soon).

By selecting the payment system, the third step of buying free fire diamonds is completed.

Step# 4: Buy – Confirm the purchase

  • Now number 4 and last step in Buy option you will get a room to put email address.
  • Put your email address there.
  • Now 4 steps to buy diamond are complete.
  • Double check everything including your gaming ID before confirming.
  • Well, all your activities to top up diamonds are over.
  • Now click on Buy now option below.

Your work is done. Now Diamonds will be credited to your Free Fire account within 2-5 minutes.

In this way you can top up or buy free fire diamonds using development. It is better to say that after selecting the development option you have to enter the payment amount. Enter the amount of money you want to pay to make the payment. Here if it is 100 taka, you have to select 145 taka.

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This is because tax of 45 taka is deducted. One of the reasons is that no Bangladeshi company sells free fire diamonds. (For this, VAT of 45 taka per 100 taka has to be paid). To directly access the Codashop BD website visit:

How to get Free Fire Diamonds?

You can purchase free fire diamonds easily and manually. Currently, Free Fire Diamonds can be purchased from Bkash.

Which Free Fire Diamond Top Up Center?

Free Fire Diamond Top Up Center is on Codashop BD website. Finally. Free Fire Diamond.. After reading today’s complete post there will be no more ignorance or misunderstanding about buying free fire diamonds using bkash.


Hope – today’s article and this helpful content will be very useful for you. And for that you can follow my website on google news, like Facebook page, join group, and follow me on Instagram to contact me. All links are available here. So I am ending today’s article here for you. If you want to get articles like this, then comment.

Thanks stay well……

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