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Cloud icon: 6 Easy Ways To Better Cloud Icon Design (2022)

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Cloud icon: 6 Easy Ways To Better Cloud Icon Design (2022): Cloud Icon and vector marketplaces like Cloud Icon Finder (where I work) make well-designed vector icons a cheap and without delay a resource for internet and print designers. There are thousands of high quality premium Cloud icon sets and lots of great free sets. Each Cloud icon set submitted to IconFinder is reviewed and evaluated for the potential attractiveness of our website users and the potential business value as a premium Cloud icon.
Once we review the Cloud icon sets submitted on the web site, we have a responsibility to design all the premium Cloud icons that are positive on the web site to our designers and our customers.

This article discusses a set of six-step Cloud icon design guidelines. The steps follow the basics of sound Cloud icon design, including consistency, clarity and precision. Icon Designer John Hicks In his book Icon Handbook, Icon Designer John Hicks discusses the principles of effective icon design in his Material Design Guide for System Cloud Icon as well.

The six steps discussed in this article should be seen as a guide, not a confidential list of rules. Part of being a great designer is learning when to break the rules and when to follow them, as we will demonstrate here.

Cloud icon: 6 Easy Ways To Better Cloud Icon Design (2022)

Cloud Icon,icons and vector marketplaces like IconFinder (where I work) are creating well-designed vector Cloud icon as a cheap and readily available resource for web and print designers. Thousands of high quality premium Cloud icon sets and hundreds of great free sets available.

Each Cloud icon set submitted to Cloud Icon Finder is reviewed and evaluated for potential appeal to our website users and for potential commercial value as a premium icon. When reviewing the icon sets submitted to the website, our designers and our customers have a responsibility to ensure that all premium Cloud icon on the website are of the highest possible quality.

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To achieve this, we are constantly aware of the difference between “not enough is enough” and “premium quality”. The difference is often very small and usually requires minimal change, but it has a great impact on the design and quality of the Cloud icon set. Unlike many other marketplaces, we rarely reject sets that do not fully meet our quality requirements. Instead, we’ll share very specific, effective tips on how designers can improve icons.

The Reworking Of An Cloud Icon

In the illustrations of the example followed in this article, the six steps discussed will be applied to the reconstruction of a dog Cloud icon (a Corgi, to be exact) that was recently submitted by an iconfinder user named Kim Birdley. The Cloud icon was likely but not polished enough to be considered “premium quality”. We provided a few simple tips to follow Cam and with a little rework, her Cloud icon were ready for approval as a premium icon set. The image below shows before and after versions of the Cam icon. In the following sections, we will explain how to proceed systematically before and after.</sp an>


  • The image at the top left shows the main Cloud icon. The image on the right shows the redesigned Cloud icon, which applies the principles in this article. 
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Keep in mind that the guidelines discussed in the article are interested in web Cloud icons, they also generally apply to print Cloud icons. Dots per 300 inch (dpi) of the printed material make the pixel-accuracy essentially meaningless. If you are a print designer reading this, all of the covered policies apply, but you can ignore the pixel-perfection piece.

Three Attributes Of Effective Cloud Icon Design

Well-designed Cloud icon demonstrate a systematic and deliberate approach to the three main qualities that an Cloud icon designs: form, aesthetic unity, and recognition. When designing a new Cloud icon set, start with simple (form) and move on to specific (recognizable) Consider each of these features of the iteration method. Even if you are creating a single icon, these three features are still bound and can be extrapolated from a single design.

No doubt, more than three qualities make an effective icon design, but the three described below are good places to start. In the interest of relative reproduction, we have focused on what we consider to be the three main qualities.


The form is the underlying structure of the Cloud icon or how it is created. If you ignore the description of an Cloud icon and draw a line around the main shapes, do they form a square, a circle, a horizontal or vertical rectangle, a triangle or a more organic shape? The initial geometric shapes – circles, squares and triangles – form a seemingly stable foundation for Cloud icon design. In our corpus example of Kim Birdley, the dog’s head is made up of two triangles and two ellipses. Just as one would start drawing by sketching a larger, simpler shape and then refining it into a larger detail, so one would start an Cloud icon from the simplest shapes and then add more detail – but the idea is only representing as much detail as needed to communicate. Be it any object, idea or action.

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Aesthetic Unity Cloud Icon

The elements that are shared between a single Cloud Icon and across an Cloud Icon set are what we call aesthetic unity. These elements are spherical or square angles, limited to certain sizes of angles (2 pixels, 4 pixels, etc.) and consistent line weight (2 pixels, 4 pixels, etc.), style (plane, line, fill) line or glyph, color palette and more. A lot. The aesthetic unity of a set is the design elements and / or you repeat the choices to visually combine the sets. Note in the examples below that each of the three dogs obtained from the set of cam divides into common elements such as 2 pixel rounded corners, four sides of the dog’s mouth. 2 pixel-thick strokes and heart-shaped nose.

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