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Latest Tips to Pass Your ITIL Course In 2023

IELTS Training Course in Dubai

You are studying for the ITIL Course exam. However, you still have a great deal to find out.
This article will help you.

Here are the top tips that I share with my trainees before taking the exam.

These ideas come from my work as a teacher and exam proctor for many people who have the ITIL 4 Foundation certificate.

Alex Schmidt is my name. I’m an AXELOS and People Cert certified ITIL Course trainer, exam proctor, and managing Professional. I’ve been working in IT service management for more than a decade and have been teaching ITIL courses since 2013.

Use the ITIL Course logic

If you are ever in doubt, think about what ITIL might “say”.
Answers to questions should reflect the ITIL approach and not rely on personal experience. You shouldn’t be thinking about how things work in your company or how they were done in previous jobs. ITIL is about the ideal world, as it’s described in the textbook. The exam questions are designed to verify that.

Incomplete responses are not acceptable.

Take, for example:

One small service provider is seeing declining customer satisfaction and poor customer reviews. What can the company do about this?


Absolute answers can be dangerous

We are referring to answers that contain terms such as “must”,’mustn’t”, “always”, or “never”.
ITIL is often more about suggestions than it is prescriptive. Extreme answers may not be the right ones.
ITIL, for example, states that Service Requests and their fulfillment “SHOULD” be standardized rather than “MUST”.

Fast and dirty

This is a very effective technique for any exam and not just the ITIL 4 Foundation.
Take a quick look at all the questions. You can go through each question one by one, answer the ones that you are familiar with, and move on to the next. You can always leave a question unanswered if you have to think about it a little more. It is always possible to return later and answer the question.

Once you’ve completed the quick run, it is easy to see how many questions you answered. This allows you to better manage your time and answer requests.

The exam is given in the native language of the test takers for 60 minutes. That’s 1.5 minutes per question.
Non-native speakers receive 25% more time. This equates to 75 minutes. That’s almost 2 minutes per question.

Let’s say that you were able to answer 18 questions in the quick run in 9 minutes. This may sound exaggerated, but it’s possible. I’ve seen people pass the exam in as little as 12 minutes. This means that you still have 22 questions and 51 minutes to go as native speakers and 66 as non-native speakers. Your time per question will increase to 2.31 (native) and 3 (non-native).

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You can save a lot of time by focusing your efforts on the simple questions first.

Good reading is crucial

Although it may sound trivial, you can’t imagine how many people have shared this with me and how often I have made the same mistake.

Although exam stress can affect anyone, most people become hurried, especially when they are under time pressure. They begin to gloss over the questions, misinterpret or misread them. This is the fastest way to get a wrong answer. The same applies to the answers. Make sure to read them carefully and understand them. A little “not,” for instance, can make all the difference. However, that was only discussed.

Determine incorrect responses

This could be a nice idea if the correct answer is not immediately clear.
Consider it similar to the 50-50 joker from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Okay, not really, because you are not permitted to phone anyone during the ITIL 4 Foundation exam, but there are times when you glance at some of the answers and immediately know that they are incorrect, restricting the options for the potential correct responses.

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