100+ Best Short Haircuts For Boys & Man 2022 (with Pictures)

100+ Best Short Haircuts For Boys & Man

Best Short Haircuts For Boys


Short hair on men / Boys will always be in style. Short haircuts are low maintenance, masculine and easy to style.

To match the top with a faded or undercut on the side and a short to medium short cut on the back, many cool men’s hairstyles need to be considered.

From modern glass to new crop tops with classic lightning cuts, the most popular short hairstyles can look trendy and provide unlimited styling options.

After all, short men’s haircuts don’t have to be boring; These modern and classic styles can be clever, classy and stylish.

To help you choose the right cut, check out the best shortcuts for men in 2022.

Now is the best time to look at the trendiest boys hairstyles of 2020 and men’s haircuts.
Nowadays, fashion is not just for women. Over the last few years we have seen a huge resurgence in vintage barbering styles and exquisite undercuts.

This is because men are becoming more aware of their appearance. But feeling comfortable is no less important than looking attractive.
Despite the huge popularity of bun and shoulder length hairstyles for men, short haircuts have remained as the “royal king” due to the clean cut and precise styling.

Short haircuts for boys and man

This year, the rules are out of the window, as more and more boys decide to make a statement and create their signature style.
You must take a look at these fresh, exquisite and effortless men’s short hair styles!

# 1: Pompadour haircut

Short Haircuts For Boys

A disconnected pump house is now trendy. The hairs are clipped or faded to the side and are long and voluminous at the top.
This cut back look is a jazzy quaff hairstyle that looks good for all men despite the nationality.

If you need a quaff haircut that looks new and different, be sure to go with a pasted back pompadour is definitely a great,
highly recommended choice when it comes to haircuts for men with lengths in face shapes like round and square.

# 2: Speed ​​Top with Mid Fed

One of the easiest ways for men to cut faded hair is to keep the top part of your hair a little longer for your regular cut and gradually you want to reduce the length.

Boy, yet use your favorite hair gel or mousse to infuse the edges together for style

# 3: The gray part with the hard part

Modern folk haircuts are much more versatile than one might believe. If you like dramatic men’s style, choose the deepest part of your hair with a thin comb.

This haircut style is good for men who show gray hair in a sophisticated manner.

# 4: Random spikes with low fade

With faded styles, you don’t have to be too strict, but showing a bit of contrast is always good to work on all hair types that fade,
Specially those that are rich in the natural lift and volume of their roots. However the spiking effect can be enhanced with a small amount of product.

Style your long hair and set the edges for a soft-to-touch look until you see this cool look.

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Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Boys & Man in 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of fade haircuts, quiffs, long hairstyles, undercuts, the pompadour, buzz cuts or Mohawk hairstyles – we have something for everyone. We even have styles for those of you with thick, full locks and naturally fine or thin hair, as well as expert styling tips and tricks and product recommendations. Check out our round-up of the best male haircuts for 2021, below.

1. Fade Haircut with Beard

Man with short haircut and shaped beard
Credit: Rupert Laycock

This trending haircut is exactly what you need to try in 2021. It features a cool textured top, a subtle fade haircut with a rugged shaped beard.

2. Slick Pompadour

Man with brown pompadour
Credit: Rupert Laycock


3. The French Crop

man with short black hair and a French crop hairstyle
Give the French crop a whirl if you have thin hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Neat, masculine and timeless, the French crop boasts several benefits and is great for those who want to keep it short, but relatively stylized.

4. Short Razored Cut

front view image of a man with blonde hair and a short razor cut
This short razored cut will give your hair an edgy look.

Razor cutting is a technique that involves slicing and texturizing the hair with the use of knife-like razors. For men with thin or fine hair, try keeping the top fairly short with shorter back and sides.

5. Semi-long and Slicked Back

front view of a man with a beard and brown hair slicked back
Try rocking semi-long hair and slicked back Credit: indigitalimages.com

For a more dapper look with some retro vibes, keep the top about medium length and the sides only a tad shorter.
Style tip: Go for a classic wet-look using pomade or hold it in place with some hairspray, it’s all up to you!

6. Minimalist Quiff

front view image of a man with dark hair a mini quiff hairstyle
A minimalist quiff could be just what you need! Credit: Indigital

First of all, a quiff can work for men of all ages, and while being perfect for making a statement, it doesn’t have to be a big one. How extreme you go is entirely up to how large your personality is.

7. Textured Top

front view of a man with short textured hair
It’s all about texture with this look. Credit: Instagram.com/barberinspirations

If you’ve got thin hair, choosing a textured cut with lots of angles and definition creates plenty of interest and can give the illusion of thicker tresses. Credit:@barberinspirations

8. Skin Fade

man with black hair in a short shaved sides and combed over style
Give a skin face a whirl to detract from thin hair. Credit: Instagram.com/barber_moscowfrant

The contrast between the dramatic skin fade and the swept-over length on top really helps to detract from thin hair. Credit:@barber_moscowfrant

side view of quiff hairstyle with shadow taper finish

9. Classic Short Hair

front view of a man with short hair
Short hair can make your hair look thicker overall. Credit: Instagram.com/fellowbarber

This classic and stylish short hairdo is perfect for fellas who like the more preppy look. This is a great one, if you want to keep you hairstyle on the smarter side. Credit: @fellowbarber

10. Short Sides and Combover

Alexander Ludwig with short blonde hair and a comber over
Keep the top of your hair long and swept back. Credit: Instagram.com/alexanderludwig

Keep the sides of your hair neatly buzzed, and rock a longer length on top. Sweep the longer section back, for an incredibly suave look, that will make your hair look full and thick. Credit:@alexanderludwig

11. Striking and Messy

man with short hair and grey and balck colouring wearing a deep grey t shirt
Go for a classic short hair cut to make your tresses look thicker. Credit: Instagram.com/kcfee

The best part about this style is that you can pretty much wake up and go, although if you reach for a wax or clay, we can almost guarantee this style will look even more cool. Credit:@kcfee

12. Short Fade and Side Sweep

back view of a man with short hair and comb over
Keep things short and sweep your locks over to one side. Credit: Instagram.com/barbertownworc

Give your look plenty of edge with this striking style, that will have people thinking about your stylish ‘do, rather than thin hair! Credit: @barbertownworc

13. Spiky Hair

side view of a man with short sides and spiky black hair
Spike up your hair to give your look definition. Credit: Instagram.com/andrewdoeshair

Give your hair the volume it deserves with this spiky look. Your angular, almost faux hawk look, will give your locks height and definition in all the right places. Credit:@andrewdoeshair

14. Mini Pompadour

When you’ve got thin hair, you might think that you’re not able to pull of some of the edgier styles, such as the pompadour, but we’re here to tell you – you can get on board!
While you might not have the volume or height, you can still create a mini quiff, that will give height and texture to your hair.

15. Brushed up Spikes

two asian men with choppy edge hairstyle
Give your look a choppy edge with this style. Credit: Instagram.com/morrismotley

As we’ve said before, spiky hair is your friend and brushed-up spikes are even better, as they add tonnes of volume to your look Credit: @morrismotley

16. The Receding Hairline Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Jimmi Simpson wearing glasses and black tie and swept back hair.
Smooth your hair back and embrace thinner hair. Credit: Instagram.com/jimmisimpson

This style is all about making the most out of your striking widow’s peak by creating contrast through your lengths. Either build up the volume in the top or keep it smooth. It’s classic, sleek and an easy way to make peace with thinning hair. Credit: @jimmisimpson

17. Ivy League Haircut

Hairstyles for fine curly hair: Man with blow dried textured short brown hair
Give it some texture. Credit: Instagram.com/thebarbershopat56

The Ivy League haircut is one of the most classic men’s hairstyles for thin hair and it couldn’t be easier to style. Credit: @thebarbershopat56
Editor’s tip: To shape this neat cut, reach for VO5 Styling Wax to help give your hair the hold and control it needs.

18. The Buzz Cut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Model with short shaved buzzcut hair.
The buzz cut is a totally on-trend style to go for. Credit: Instagram.com/hjmen

Choosing to rock a style like a buzz cut is a great way for gents to take care of their thinning hair problem. And as an added bonus, you’ll be gaining an on-trend look, too. Credit: @hjmen

19. The Messy haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Model with blonde hair short sides and long messy top wearing a bold floral shirt.
Rock a messy top to make fine hair look thicker. Credit: Instagram.com/charliejamesmodel

The messy texture on top will give the appearance of a fuller style, while keeping the back and sides short will conceal the true fineness of your hair! Credit: @charliejamesmodel

20. The High and Tight

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Model with brown high and tight short hair wearing a black roll neck.
Trick everyone into thinking you have fuller strands with this high and tight cut. Credit: Instagram.com/kevinluchmun

The classic high and tight look is ideal for those with thinning hair due to the sides being closely shaved, giving enough hair on top to play with and the illusion of more hair on the head. Credit@kevinluchmun

21. The Male Pixie Cut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with short cropped hair with fade.
A short crop helps disguise thinning patches. Credit: Instagram.com/jesskaras

When it comes to styling your short crop, opt for a wax-based product to inject plenty of texture and volume. Credit@jesskaras

22. Faded Quiff

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with a peak hairstyle on brown hair.
Create the illusion of thicker hair with the peak. Credit: Instagram.com/menpeluqueros

Quiffs works in a similar way to the messy-on-top haircut by tricking the eye into thinking that your hair is thicker than it really is. Credit@menpeluqueros

Editor’s tip: This stylish cut is timeless, flattering for every face type, and perfect for finer hair.
A top tip is to avoid hair gels when styling as they will clump your hair together and highlight your thin hair. Instead, focus on hair products with matt finishes, like the TONI&GUY Men’s Moulding Clay.

23. Side Comb Fade

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with blonde hair and a deep side part comb over
Try a deep side parting, comb-over. Credit: Instagram.com/layriteofficial

By keeping your hair longer on top, you can create a side comb fade, sweeping your hair over to one side to hide any thinning patches. Credit: @layriteofficial

24. Fade Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with a beard mustache and undercut brown hair
Try rocking a beard teamed with a fade for thicker looking hair. Credit: Instagram.com/hayden_cassidy

Team a full beard with a sharp-looking faded haircut for an on-trend look. Credit: @hayden_cassidy

25. Textured Cut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Justin Theroux wearing a suit and black tie with a short choppy haircut
Follow in the footsteps of Justin Theroux with a choppy cut. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

This messy, Hollywood-approved style is one of our favourite hairstyles for men as it’s got length and dimension, as well as being ultra-flattering.

26. The Messy Quiff

Man with messy quiff
Credit: Rupert Laycock

This ‘do is all about drawing attention to the shape of your hairstyle, instead of your thin hair. Just keep plenty of texture in your quaff to create the illusion of thicker tresses and no one will be any the wiser.
Editor’s tip: We suggest using a hair mousse and a hairdryer to create volume. Then, if necessary, apply some TONI&GUY Mens Mattifying Puttyfor extra control and lift.

27. Short Comb Over Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Nicolas Ghesquiere with short dark hair and a comb over hairstyle.
Go for a short comb over like Nicolas Ghesquiere. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The classic comb over is one of the easiest styles to rock and has almost zero styling time required. With slightly shorter sides, sweep the longest part of your hair over to one side. And that’s it!

28. Longer Ivy League Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Christian Slater wearing glasses with slicked back hair
Christian Slater rocks Ivy League-worthy hair. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Have you considered the modern Ivy League-inspired style? This suave style is one to keep on your radar if you like a more classic look.

29. Slicked Back Undercut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with brushed back ginger hair and a trimmed beard and mustache
Brush back your hair for thicker looking locks. Credit: Instagram.com/giovanni_savillsbarbers

Much like rocking a beard, a neatly trimmed goatee and moustache will bring the focus to your face and complement a slicked-back hairstyle perfectly. Credit: @giovanni_savillsbarbers

30. Hard Part Haircut

Hairstyles for men with thin hair: Man with shaved sides and quiff hairstyle.
Try shaving your head but keeping the top longer. Credit: Instagram.com/pinupsbarbershop

The hard part haircut involves a shaved line creating a more exaggerated parting and is great for distracting from any places you may be balding. Credit: @pinupbarbershop

31. Caesar Haircut

Dark haired male model with a wet-look Caesar haircut
The classic Caesar haircut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Styles like the Caesar haircut are the definition of low-key. The modern way to wear it is with a short back and sides all the way around, using the longer top layers to create a textured fringe effect.

32. Curtains Hairstyle

male model with curly curtains hair style, wearing pink on the Feng Chen Wang show
The curtains can work for gents with wavier textures. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The ’90s are a big trend right now, which means yep, you guessed it, the curtains hairstyle is back! With the hair parted down the middle and styled into a wavy curtain look, it’s a clever way of concealing a receding hairline by covering up those areas of hair loss.

33. Slick Hair

Man with slick back brown hair
Credit: Rupert Laycock

For the man who always wants to look his best, nail the suave look with slick hair. Some wet-look gel and a fine-toothed comb are all you need to recreate this timeless style.

34. Side Swept Undercut

close up shot of man with a colourful side undercut hairstyle at the salon
Want to really stand out? Go down the colour route. Credit: Instagram.com/nia.scar

You can even pair the look with a side swept undercut and pop of colour for a more unique ‘do. Credit: @nia.scar

35. South of France Haircut

south of france haircut 2016
The South of France haircut AKA the gentleman’s mohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/ericlloyd26

Similar to a mohawk or ‘frohawk, the South of France haircut was originally made popular by Usher. Anyone who has considered a mohawk but been too scared should give this more toned-down variant a go. Credit: @ericlloyd26

36. Surfer Hair

actor Timothée Chalamet with his signature dark textured medium hair
You don’t need a beach to rock a surfer hairstyle. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Timothée Chalamet’s surfer hair feels like it’s practically made for summer with its beachy texture and piecey waves.

Editor’s tip: Who needs the beach? All you need is a lightweight mousse like the VO5 Thickening Foam Mousse to add air-light volume and messy texture to your strands.

37. Taper Comb Over Haircut

photo from above of a guy with light brown/dark blonde hair with a shadow taper faded haircut with a comb over
Create a smooth transition with a taper comb over. Credit: Instagram.com/worldstarofbarbers

Try a clean taper comb over haircut with carefully defined clipper work. Credit: @worldstarofbarbers

38. Top Knot for Men

top knot men: male model with messy top knot hairstyle wearing suit
There’s nothing with wrong with bedhead hair! Credit: Instagram.com/sergiogonzalezfdz

Play up your lengths, no matter how thin your hair, with a laid-back top knot for men and you’ll always look good. Credit: @sergiogonzalezfdz

39. The Peaky Blinders Hairstyle

side view of brown hair in short undercut 1920s hairstyle
This short undercut has seen a resurgence thanks to hit TV show Peaky Blinders. Credit: Instagram.com/salonexte

If Thomas Shelby is your hair inspiration, this severe undercut will be right up your street. Credit: @salonexte

40. Undercut Fade

undercut fade hairstyle for men
Combine an undercut with a graduated fade. Credit: indigitalimages.com

This undercut fade has a simple yet cool edgy style to it and pairs well with a classic crew cut.

41. Undercut on Long Hair

brunette man in a tan shearling jacket with floppy hair and an undercut
Balance out floppy locks with an edgy undercut detail. Credit: Instagram.com/jheuston

Into the floppy Zayn Malik-esque hair look? Flip your hair over to one side and style with an undercut for long hair, to make it look more voluminous. Credit: @jheuston

42. 50 Shades of Grey

blogger jameswlsh with grey slicked back quiff hairstyles mens hairstyles 2017 trends
We’re loving the grey sleek quiff. Credit: Instagram.com/james_s_welsh

Grey strands have dominated men’s hairstyles in the last few years, with more and more of Hollywood’s leading men taking the colour plunge. So, if you’re after a new colour, try opting for a striking (yet handsomely subtle!) grey hue. Credit: @james_s_welsh

43. The Textured Top

chezrust with textured top hairstyle instagram - mens hairstyles 2017
Go for a textured top for effortlessly cool style. Credit: Instagram.com/chezrust

All you need is to take a note of this dapper gent’s textured top hairstyle, with it’s short sides anda long top that will add in plenty of natural-looking texture! Credit: @chezrust

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