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10 Best Affiliate Sites Online income BD 2023 | Best site to Earn Money online income 2023
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10 Best Affiliate Sites Online income BD 2023 | Best site to Earn Money online income 2023: We are going to present some alternative sites of Click bank for you from where you can work in Bangladesh. You know, Click bank has closed down again in Bangladesh, so the previous users can work normally, but no one can register again.

However, in today’s post I am going to describe some great sites from where you will be able to earn lakhs of rupees a month by marketing if you deserve it.


10 Best Affiliate Site List 2023

1. Rakuten LinkShare:

This is one of the most professional best affiliate sites. If you want to work here, you have to sign up separately for each different product. You can’t work with any product like Clickbank here. You will sign up here as a professional.

And you have to apply here with previous work experience and only if Honor thinks you are the right marketer of his product then you will get approval of the related product. The cookie duration on this site is about a month.

At this point, if someone visits your link once and buys the product again by visiting that product alone, then you will get the commission for selling that product. Here you can take payment with the help of PayPal.


2. CJ affiliate by conversant:

This is the Commission Junction affiliate site whose name many have heard and here too you have to sign up separately like the previous site but the work is a bit easier than the previous site and the payment medium is paper check, bank deposit or pioneer.

Cookies in CJ are valid for only 24 hours or one day. It is also important to know how long the cookies will last, along with how much you can pay yourself before joining any site. The longer the term, the more likely it is that your affiliate sales will increase.

This site also has thousands of different products from where you can start with the product of your choice.

3. Big Commerce:

This is an ecommerce site with about 60,000 merchants. There is a 200% Bounty Payment Plan in the affiliate program where you can earn up to, 60,, 180,, 250, ০০ 1500. The cookies are valid for 90 days.

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That means a very long time for your income. And here banners, text lines, weekly affiliate newsletters and SEO advice are provided. From where an affiliate marketer can grow his cell.


4. Share A sale:

Like other sites, you can join here for free and this site has a reliable history of online service for 20 years. Anyone who comes here as easily as before will not get approval.

If you are a professional level affiliate marketer and you can only join this site if you have a website, then you will be allowed to start working here after making sure that your site is suitable for affiliate sale.

The cookies are valid for 45 days and this is sufficient time for an affiliate marketer and here the payment method is bank transfer or check. You can take the payment only after 50 dollars.

5. Health Market Health:

One of the favorite sites for affiliate marketers is Market Health. This site mainly deals with health and beauty related products and the cookies are valid for 30 days and the payment options here are Mail Check, Bank Transfer, Skrill and Prepaid Debit Card via Pioneer.

Payment can be taken from here twice a month for only 20 Dollar. Payment is made on the 1st and 18th of the month. If you can sell more than 20 sales a day here, the site authority will pay a special commission and you can take the payment of your choice.

If you can make this offer only for more than 20 sales, otherwise you will have to take payment from Bangladesh in the same way as the payment method I mentioned here. Numerous people in Bangladesh work on this site.



You can join here for free, but only if you are a professional, then join here. These sites are not for beginners. Your application will be reviewed within 2 days of joining here and if everything is OK, join here will be confirmed.

The cookies are valid for 30 days and the site is serviced in more than 100 countries. Many well-known affiliate marketers in the country work on this site.

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Here the monthly payment is 100 and the weekly payment is 1,000. In addition to PayPal and Pioneer, big marketers also get payment services in the options they need.


This site is just like Clickbank, so everything here is a lot like Clickbank type. However, there is a need for separate permission for each product and there are millions of products and you can start working here with any product of your choice.
I have a separate video on this site that you can get in the affiliate playlist and start working here very easily.

And I always say those who want to work at Clickbank but can’t have an account, join here and work. The cookies are valid for 24 hours only and PayPal, Pioneer, Blossnap, Gift, and Stripe.

Most of the sites here support Bangladesh. You can verify the account on any site and make a payment by adding a bank, but that site will charge a commission.

It is best to have a Pioneer account if you want to work in affiliate marketing. Then you can easily get rid of the hassle of payment.


7. Amazon:

Amazon has any product to use in the world except military equipment. Here you can start affiliate business with some of your favorite products from millions of products. At least a few thousand marketers from Bangladesh work on this site.

But you need your own site. The cookies are valid for 24 hours and you can make payments by bank, gift card or check. Everyone from Bangladesh uses banks. You can take payment from here only for 100 dollars.

8. eBay:

eBay is a lot like Amazon and there are millions of products. But you need a website to get a work permit here and you need a lot of quality traffic or you won’t be able to get much benefit at the end of the month. The cookies on this site are valid for 7 days and there is PayPal, Bank Transfer.

9. Tripadvisor:

This is a popular travel site. They work with hotels, vacation packages, restaurant reservations, and other travel-related items.

Here you get 50% commission on total sales and cookies are valid for 14 days. They are paying a hefty commission on the travel affiliate program.

Those who work with travel in the country can work as their affiliates. They work in different parts of the world and in hundreds of places. If you get one client a year, then the whole year will be compensated. They pay through the demand of the affiliate.

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10. Eddie Bauer:

It pays 5% commission on fashion related sites and per sale and cookies are valid for 7 days.

• So which of these sites will you join? Here are some sites for new and expert people, but if you are looking for a digital service, then Clickbank is the best network. Any product from its high commission and lots of products is of very good quality.

If you can’t manage Clickbank at all, the best sites depending on the gravity filter may be Rakuten Linkshare, CJ Affiliate or Commission Junction, Market Health and JVZu.

However, the Amazon Affiliate Program may be a better option. Because you will come here professionally and spend a lot of time to increase your income so you will also have time, money and money to invest. That would require a website.

There if you are proficient in English then you can start working by writing English content targeting the content and country of your choice and bring more and more traffic through lots of SEO.

Now the question is how much money will you earn?

I said a while ago that if you want to come professionally, then affiliate marketing is a thousand times better than CPA marketing.

Here you work like a donkey for 3 months and go ahead with the advice of experts then join the necessary Facebook group, connect with senior marketers on social media, you will get the sale within 6 months I can give a written guarantee.

And once you get traffic with your content, your site will become more popular with people and your income will increase exponentially.

An Amazon marketer I know earns an average of ০০ 3500 a month from Amazon and he doesn’t want to be in front of anyone.

That’s why I couldn’t say the name. Because if you put dot com with his name, his Amazon affiliate site will come.

He works in Europe and America and has been in the market for 4 years. Moreover, an average marketer earns an average of 300-500 dollars a month.

The more you work here, the more your income will increase by leaps and bounds. However, as long as you work in CPA marketing, you will get results. So no matter which profession you come to online, it fixes your career.

Thanks for reading

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